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Nightmares? *loss mentioned*

Hello ladies! Cautiously excited to be here, 5+2 today. I suffered a MMC at 11wks in April '15 and the 9 cycles between then and my BFP this month felt like a lifetime.

The past few nights, I've been having nightmares about losing this pregnancy in various strange ways. Usually everyone around me already knows I'm not pregnant any more and my dream-self feels heartbroken and like such a fraud. Sometimes it's more graphic when I realize I'm losing it. I've been waking up in tears and sometimes it takes a few minutes to remember that it's not real. DH and I are on different work schedules so I'm sleeping alone, which doesn't make it any better! Have any of you experienced nightmares? If so, how long until they went away and was there anything you found that helped?

Re: Nightmares? *loss mentioned*

  • I had a mmc at 12 weeks with my 2nd loss. And had a d&c with that one. I was crying when I was coming out of anesthesia. I dream about that a lot. So not really like nightmares where things that didn't actually happen are happening. I think it's just our minds way of working through the grief of the loss and anxiety of being pregnant again. I don't have any advice for how to stop them. Just hugs and understanding. Sorry this is happening. Waking up upset like that is no way to start your day.
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  • I don't remember details but i have had at least a few about losing this pregnancy. I'm sure it's just because of the emotional rollercoaster that being pgal keeps us on.
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  • Thank you ladies for your responses! Last two nights have been a little more peaceful, but I'm not confident that they're gone for good. Glad not to be alone. Hugs and hopes that we'll make it through these times with a wiggly LO on the other side ❤
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