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Grade 2 placenta at 18 weeks! HELP!

I was 18 + 5 weeks and I had an ultrasound with doppler and it showed that my placenta is grade II already. The tech lady said everything looked good. But I'm still concerned about having a placenta so old at this stage of pregnancy. It also showed average amniotic liquid and baby was 250g.

I don't smoke and my blood pressure was norrmal. I'm overweight, 24 years, eating good, first pregnancy. I'm using aspirin and enoxaparin because I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks.

Also had a small infecction treated with antibiotics.

I'm now 21+5. I had another scan done at my doctor's office and baby was okay and measuring properly.

Re: Grade 2 placenta at 18 weeks! HELP!

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    Try not to borrow trouble and hang in there. I believe that if your doctor was worried they would have given you a hint
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