Worried about giving up

I'm due with my second and this pregnancy has been really really different than my first. Truly no similarities.

Now that the due date is right around the corner in getting a little nervous about differences at the new born stage

Specifically, I had a really hard time with BFing my first daughter. She was a month early, I never became engorged, she had a few latch issues and I had flow issues. Long story short, she was supplemented with formula from day 1 and I stopped BFing at 1 month and pumping at 2 months. After initial disappointment I came to peace with this.

That said, I'm still going to try to bf with number 2. I'm worried that I will give up too easily. Any suggestions to help me persevere?

Re: Worried about giving up

  • My biggest advice is don't stress! BFing is hard so don't beat yourself up. If you have to supplement, don't get discouraged.

    Ask to see a lactation consultant right away to work on baby's latch. If you can, invest in the supplies that make things easier - nursing pillow (with DD2 I purchased a travel boppy....seriously the best $34 ever spent!) tanks/bras/tshirts that make access quick so you aren't stripping every time you feed.

    And build your support system. My mom has been a good cheerleader helping my to not get discouraged.

    Good luck!!!
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  • Agreed with the pp. Also some good advice I got was to never let myself give up on a bad day. In other words, I should make the decision with my head, not my frustration. Also, don't fall into the trap of saying, "I couldn't before, I can't again." As you stated, New baby, New playing ground.

    Good luck, and congratulations!
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  • The advice I've followed, as cheesy as it is, is "don't quit on your worst day." I've followed that, and I've been at the point where I've contemplated quitting even on good days. However, 8 months later, we're still nursing... So you never know... I agree with the PP - don't stress. Formula is perfectly fine too. But you may be perfectly able to BF this time around. Parenting is truly about rolling with the punches. :) 
  • Set goals for yourself whether it is 6 weeks, 6 months, whatever. Having a goal to meet has helped me stay positive and motivated.
  • Agree with PP I have set goals for myself the first being 1 month, then 2 months, then 3 months. I still have days where I want to quit. Today was one of those days. My DD has started fighting the breast and it's stressful but I'm pushing through.
  • I had similar issues as you had with your first kiddo. Definitely having a cheerleader like PP said was so helpful! This time around (5 weeks) I'm having different problems (oversupply, forceful letdown, possible dairy intolerance, aggressive nurser) but we're still going. Meet with the lactation consultant at least once a day in the hospital and check with insurance AHEAD of time with the process for an in-home visit. Do what's best for you and your baby!
  • I had similar issues with my first. My second child came out ready to breastfeed.  He latched right away and never looked back (still going strong at 8 months.)  You know more about it with your second one and the positions that are comfortable for you.  It will be easier the 2nd time around.  Good luck!
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