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**Question for those who have taken progesterone**

Hello ladies!

I have been taking oral prometrium since I found out I was pregnant. Tomorrow I am 14 weeks and I am supposed to stop taking the pills. My doctor warned me that I might bleed when I stop taking them, which is going to freak me out. Has anyone had any bleeding after stopping their progesterone? And if yes, how long did you bleed and how much??

Re: **Question for those who have taken progesterone**

  • I didn't at all. See if your doctor will see you a few days after stopping to do a quick hb. Maybe even again a few days after that.
  • I didn't bleed at all either.  I believe they had me stop at 14wks as well.
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  • I stopped taking it at 14 weeks and had no bleeding! I agree with pp about seeing if you can go in a few days after just so they can use the Doppler so you can hear the heart beat!
  • I stopped at 14 weeks also. No bleeding even though my dr said there could be some spotting. I didn't just quit though I went every other night for 4 days then stopped.
  • Thank you ladies!! That makes me feel so much better about stopping. I have had a lot of anxiety over it for the last few days.
  • I took the suppositories and bled while on progesterone, but not when I stopped. I spaced my 'stopping' out by going to every other day to nothing over the course of a week.
  • I stopped my shots at 11 weeks and nothing happened. Baby is good. It is a super common fear. I think it is so interesting about the oral P...I was told that wasn't even an option!
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  • Thank you! I haven't taken them for two days and so far so good. I'm hoping it stays that way. I was not given an option either
    @peregrinefalconx. I see a lot more people do the suppositories and shots. I wonder if some are more effective than others?
  • I stopped at 11 weeks with my last pregnancy and didn't bleed at all :)
  • Thank you for posting this! I stopped on Monday at 12 weeks and am spotting again now that I stopped. Hopefully it's just a side effect from stopping. I have an US tomorrow Thankfully.
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    @lgunther413 I bet that's all it is. Let us know how your appointment goes tomorrow!
  • My ultrasound went well! Baby was squirming around and heartbeat was 173. I had a pretty heavy bleed yesterday (bright red) but at my appointment on Monday she cauterized an abrasion on my cervix and the doctor thinks that tore. It stopped right away so I'm hopeful all is well. Doctor said at this point miscarriage rate is less than 5%. :smile:
  • Great news!! I'm glad everything is ok. It's so good to see everyone's good news today! Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us
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