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Am I the only one ?

So a friend had her baby 3 days before me and today I saw pics posted of her taking her with her to a nice restraunt and out for the day .

I can't take my baby out , I have tried she is 14 weeks and we can't even make it to target without her crying screaming fit 10 mins in ... Tried right after a nap/feeding and have tried taking her asleep.

I do have an extremely needy baby but at this point I think I have just done wrong to make her this way?

Am I the only one who can't take baby out ? Any tips on how to more sucessfully ?

Re: Am I the only one ?

  • First off- I'm sure you didn't do anything to make your baby fussy. Some babies are just fussier than others and some are home bodies while others like to go out. That said, have you tried putting your baby in a carrier or leaving her in the car seat when you go out?
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    I can only take my daughter places when she first falls asleep for a nap ... Otherwise it's just too hard. Now she has a great routine at home and I know she thrives off of our routine so it's really hard to go somewhere for sure.

    If I have to go to Target I have to pack everything before she falls asleep ... As soon as she falls asleep I pack her up in the car seat and we go ... If she wakes up while we are there I have to check out immediately because I have like a 15-20 minute time frame from then to get home and get her changed and fed :sweat_smile:

    So no ... You are not alone !

    My daughter also sleeps through the night and rarely gets fussy at home so if being a home body works for her I will take it any day lol :wink:

    I'm sure it will get better as they get bigger and have longer periods of being awake ! Plus they're only this little for so long we have the rest of our lives to go out and about and do things :)
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  • You are not alone at all!! This is my second baby, and my first was so easy. He never cried except a few noises when he was hungry. This little girl is feisty and has a mind of her own! She will be 12 weeks tomorrow and I am still learning her quirks! I have found that it is much more difficult to take her out than my son was. Then I tried the baby carrier on a whim. It was the solution to my problems!! My son was content in his carseat/stroller. Violet is not! So when I bring her out to the store or anywhere, I wear her and it has worked wonders for me :) If your little one likes being held, my advice would be to try a carrier or sling! Good luck, lady.
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