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After birth - Weird Symptoms

TMI post here!  I have been experiencing a lot of anal itchiness ever since giving birth. Actually, it was present throughout my 3rd trimester but now it's worse. The strangest mainly happens at night. It's almost like a painful itchy spasm in my rectum. The told me I didn't get any hemmaroids while pushing, and I did have a perinium tear but not all the way to where it's itching. Could it be hormones?  anyone else experiencing this?

Re: After birth - Weird Symptoms

  • Maybe there is an internal hemmeroid they didn't see?
  • Maybe try getting some hemorrhoid cream and putting some inside? If it helps, you may have an internal hemorrhoid or irritation
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  • Sounds like my hemorroids. I second the cream suggestion.
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  • I've had the same issue. I'm guessing I have the internal hemorrhoids, too. Yuck! :s Not sure yet, since my first OB appointment after having my LO, is this coming Monday. But thankfully the itch has gone away! I'm just having the soreness down there still, which I'm sure is normal. But not much on the itching, anymore. Woo hoo! But if you're still having this issue, I agree with all the PPs. Try the hemorrhoid cream!
  • There will be plenty of weird things going on and coming out of that general area for a while... 

    I'm sure someone has advised you already, but stock up on hemorrhoid cream, tucks medicated pads, and a pain reliever of your choice.

    It will get worse before it gets better!  I had intense pain at times for about 8 weeks post birth. 

    EMAB new momma bottom spray was my saving grace.
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