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Kaiser South Bay experiences?

Hi everyone, I'm a FTM and wondering about others' experiences at Kaiser South Bay/Harbor City.
I'm only 15 weeks but it's very much on my mind already. Not even sure what I could do if I decided I didn't want to give birth there? Go to a different Kaiser facility I guess?

Thanks for any input!

Re: Kaiser South Bay experiences?

  • I'm curious about this Kaiser too, will be delivering there in August. I've had a few appointments and it seems okay. I'm not sure where you are, but I guess you could do Downey. Maybe a hospital tour would make you feel better. I delivered at Kaiser Sunset (LA) last year and liked it. Kind of hoping they're all similar. Let me know if you hear anything! 
  • @karlimonster I am at the Sunset hospital and juat getting started. Do you recommend anything? Obgyn? 
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  • @leafyarch I've had nothing but positive experiences with Kaiser (West LA, Sunset and now Harbor City & Long Beach). They have really good customer service, especially during my first pregnancy when I was laid off and had to deal with Medi-Cal, crazy bills, etc. My OBGYN (who I saw the most at the end) was Dr. Callegari and I really liked her. Unfortunately, she did not deliver my baby. My delivery ended in an unplanned c-section, a couple fevers and a week long NICU stay for my son. Sounds dramatic, but I say all that to say I felt very well taken care of. The only things I didn't enjoy were when the surgeon came to check up on how my c-section was healing and TORE the bandage off. (She took skin with it and I had scabbing, not fun). Also, because I got a couple fevers/was in their so long they had to move my IV around a few times and one time totally missed so my arm filled up with fluid. I chalk that up to staying there so long, things are bound to go wrong. Lastly, the parking there is THE WORST. I'm sure you've figured that out. So for your non-LA friends/family remind them to read signs and not get towed, ha ha. Overall, really like Kaiser, great customer service, just hate Sunset's parking. Hope that is semi-helpful! 
  • I have been going to Kaiser South Bay since I was born. I have delivered all my babies here and my kids have thee best pediatrician there, her name is Dr. Butler. She's very popular there but she's the best. 
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