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Hey Mamas!

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and was told I would need to go on medication to get pregnant. Well, I didn't lol our sweet little "miracle" baby as we have been calling her is due Feb 22nd.

I hadn't had a period for almost a year when she was conceived, so I am wondering how accurate my due date is? I know some doctors change due dates frequently, and some never do.

She was in the 5 lb range at 32 weeks so I was wondering if maybe I am slightly ahead of what they predicted. I'm seeing the Dr who does the anat scan today, so I will have a better idea of how she is positioned and how big she is but I was just wondering if any other moms with mild/severe PCOS delivered before/on/after their EDD?

Most of my pregnancy I wasn't too concerned with my due date, as I know babies come early and late all the time, but now that the date is so close I'm wondering if it could actually be even closer!

Just curious to see if any other ladies out there with PCOS have similar stories, and when you delivered your sweet little bundles ❤️


  • I have PCOS - but pretty much know my LMP and DOC because I was tracking ovulation and on Clomid.  

    I believe the measuring they do in early stages of pregnancy is pretty accurate at determining the gestational age of the baby, which is where due dates come from.

    At 35 weeks 4 days my baby was 7 pounds, 6 ounces (consistent with ~39 weeks), and my due date was not changed.  
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  • I have PCOS.  Tried for 3 years to conceive my 1st child.  Gave up on the drugs (Clomid, Metformin, etc.).  6 months later, spontaneously conceived my son.  He's now 2.5 years old.  Never went back on BC and naturally conceived my daughter.  Due Feb 3rd. 

    My OB dated my pregnancy based upon early ultrasounds, which are very accurate for dating (not so much the later ultrasounds).  I found it to be pretty accurate.

  • Did you have an early ultrasound? Those are the most accurate ways to tell. They wouldn't change a due date based on an estimated weight at 32wks, that's for sure. FWIW, they estimated my daughter over a pound different on u/s than what she was born at a day later. Ultrasound weights are notoriously inaccurate.



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  • @VitaLuna yes, at my first appointment they did an vaginal ultrasound and said I was about 6 weeks along. I wasn't aware that's the most accurate way to tell. Thank you!! :)
  • I have PCOS also. We tried for over a year with Metformin. I got my period about once every 8 months to a year and I tracked ovulation and pretty much never ovulated so it was crazy we even got pregnant the one time I did ovulate. Although I'm pretty sure I know the exact day we conceived because it was really the only time in that range it was possible lol. They did a dating ultrasound that was spot on to the date I was thinking we conceived. So I think the beginning dating ultrasounds are super close to finding a due date! But, I haven't had experience in delivering yet to find out as far as when he will come because I'm a FTM.
  • @SU1989 I don't have PCOS but I'm the same as you, I had a date in my mind that I was basically certain we conceived and it's spot on to my due date.
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  • Eh, it really doesn't matter. lol. Only 4% of babies actually come on their own on their due dates, so everything the doctors predict can be 100% correct, and your body just decide to take a little extra time. There doesn't seem to be a connection between PCOS and early birth: all of my other friends with PCOS had "late" babies by 1ish weeks. 

    For me, I had mine 2 weeks early and he was just under 6 lbs. 
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  • egraves4 said:

    @SU1989 I don't have PCOS but I'm the same as you, I had a date in my mind that I was basically certain we conceived and it's spot on to my due date.

    Yeah I know mine is the exact day because (maybe tmi) but we had a couples massage for our anniversary and one thing led to another when we got home haha. I truly know that's when and why I ovulated because of the massage and me being completely relaxed for once instead of putting pressure on it all. I hadn't ovulated in 2 years...and that night I did! It is crazy how it actually played out. I joke with my husband and say if we have trouble in the future again we will just have to get a bunch of massages! Haha
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  • I was reading this article, this might help https://www.health-total.com/pcod/
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