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Perfect night sleeper terrible day sleeper

The last 4 nights DD had been sleeping through the night completely. She's done straight throughs before if she did wake up it was around 4/5 eat, then back to sleep until 7/8. But she's done all night 4 nights in a row! 8:30/9pm -7am/8am.
But now she will not nap!! She used to nap a couple little 20-40 minutes in the morning then a good 3/4 hours in the afternoon. Then another 30 minute nap in the evening. While only waking up once in the night.
Now she won't nap good during the day and by evening is SO FUSSY. She's been such a good baby. She never cries unless for a reason. But now there's no comforting her in the evenings.

I guess this is mainly a frustration post because it's so different now (she is 10 weeks) but if anyone has tips, they would be greatly appreciated!!!

Re: Perfect night sleeper terrible day sleeper

  • This is totally my daughter lol she is 12 weeks and has been sleeping through the night (8+ hours) for a good time now. She sleeps 9-8a pretty much every day give or take going to bed a little later. She has the hardest time napping throughout the day. I usually have to hold her to get in a good nap.

    Even with sleeping through the night she would take pretty good naps during the day. She started having a harder time right around 10 weeks. I feel like she is trying so hard to stay awake to interact with me because she loves play time and singing and reading and all that good stuff.

    What has really helped me is when I hold her when she falls asleep I can tell the different sleep cycles she is in. I wait probably 20-30 minutes when she's in deep sleep to move her to her pack and play. It has a vibrating napper and the vibration helps her sleep longer. USUALLY waiting for her to be in a deep sleep helps and she can sleep for another 30-1hr but don't get me wrong sometimes it's 5minutes lol Hoping she starts to learn how to nap better that's for sure.

    When she's super fussy while she's eating I will just take a break from feeding her and read a book to her or lay her on her back and do the little bicycle legs ... I'm just careful to try to not overstimulate her even more so I will turn off whatever noise in the background and put on my sound sleeper app. Also she likes when I hold her hands while she eats go figure lol it's like certain touch calms her down

    Honestly I know "napping on the go" is said to bite you in the butt later on but sometimes I make a Target run when she is so tired and falling asleep and she will nap for 2 or 3 hours.

    Sleep is so important so I figure I will do anything I can to help her sleep. :) hang in there I know how hard it is !! Hopefully it's just a phase because I can't get anything else done besides washing bottles and pump parts lol
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    Also wanted to apologize for the longest reply in world history - yikes !! :#
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