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Blessed by thrombosed hemorrhoid

Has anyone dealt with this lovely symptom yet? I was on a work trip and had extreme pelvic pressure. After going back and forth with my husband about whether or not to fly home, I got on the plane only to arrive in Denver with severe pain from a thrombosed hemorrhoid. I was in so much pain I was crying walking through the airport. I went to my doc the next day who lanced it. What a terribly uncomfortable procedure. And unfortunately did not provide relief as the hemorrhoid became re thrombosed. I had the procedure again yesterday. Woke up today in a lot of discomfort but not extreme pain. I'll be looping in my OBGYN today and calling a specialist. Has anyone else experienced this type of thrombosis? Any recommendations for handling the pain and healing faster? Thanks in advance...

Re: Blessed by thrombosed hemorrhoid

  • I just had mine removed last Monday! It was the worst pain I've ever felt! Except my Dr didn't just Lance it, he cut it out, took out all the clots, cut a huge chunk of skin off then stitched me up! I tried anything and everything for the pain (prior to) but nothing helped. He gave me pain medicine, which I didn't know you could take while pregnant, but they assured me it was perfectly safe, & that was my only saving grace for the next 3 days after the procedure! Sometimes it still didn't really touch the pain, just put me to sleep for a few hours! Hope you can find some relief soon!

    Ps I live in Denver too! Aurora actually. Where about are you?
  • Thanks Lavoncp. I'm going to a specialist tomorrow... Hoping to get this resolved! The pain has been unbelievable - I'm completely dibilitated by the pain! Did they put you to sleep for the surgery or just local anesthetic? And since you're in the Denver area do you mind me asking where you went? I live in Conifer. Congrats on your April baby!
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  • Yeah, I feel your pain! I couldn't walk, sit, stand, blow my nose, or pee without being in tears! No, he didn't have to put me under; it was an in office procedure where he just gave me a local block (he basically took a large needle and numbed it up) which was the worst part. Then it was numb & didn't feel a thing & I was thanking him over and over. He said "oh honey you won't be thanking me in a few hrs." Sure enough, I was literally screaming in pain 2 hrs later! But I'm 10 times better now & so glad I did it! This procedure won't prevent them from coming back, so after I give birth I will most likely get it again & have to go in for surgery where he will put me under & completely remove them so they won't come back.

    I went to Dr. Kenneth D Blake, SurgOne is the name of the practice. He's in Skyridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, which is where I'm delivering. They were highly recommended. Beautiful hospital! The specialist you see should be able to help you for the time being! Wishing you luck!
  • Check into the laser treatment too.... I hear it is a good option... just sayin
  • So sorry to hear that :( no fair we have to carry the baby and deal with our bodies going crazy! I am in Longmont, Co! Work in Denver! It's a small world :)
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