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Struggling with calorie intake

I am EBF and have just returned to work and am finding myself utterly exhausted at the end of the day. I know some of it is just my body getting used to working again (I work in retail and am constantly moving) but I think it is also because I don't consume enough calories.

I read somewhere that BF moms need around 2600-2800 calories and I'm nowhere near that! Do any of you have this problem? What are your favorite meals/snacks that are healthy but energizing!

Re: Struggling with calorie intake

  • Hello. You definitely need more calories as you burn over 20 per ounce of milk your body is making. That said don't worry about totalling up calories, you have enough on your mind already. Instead just eat to hunger, in other words snack and munch when you feel the need. Nuts, flapjacks, bananas, probiotic yoghurt, Wholemeal muffins, a bowl of cereal if you can squeeze one in at work, are all good energy giving snacks. Rice cakes, Wholemeal bagels (add almond butter to both for a calorie and energy boost) and if you have a juice store close by freshly blended fruit smoothies are also a good idea. The occasional sweet treat won't hurt either just not too many as they will make you crash the other end. And get substantial meals down you when you can. You're working hard and doing really well. Good luck mama!
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  • @Merroneymaria thanks! The only reason I'm looking at calories is because ever since the baby was born I haven't had much of an apetite. I always have to remind myself to eat something! And now with me working and starting to work out again I want to make sure I am eating enough to take care of me and baby! Thanks for all your suggestions, I'll have to try some!
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  • I agree--counting calories is really not helpful. Listen to your body and trust its cues; if your body says you're hungry, eat, but if your body says you're full, don't worry about it. I haven't had much appetite since I was about 35 weeks, and LO is six weeks old now. I just make sure I'm eating three meals a day (Not bothering with counting calories), and if I get hungry between I'll have a snack.
  • I completely lost my appetite after birth too and had to constantly be reminded to eat or I never would. Now at two weeks pp I'm doing better by just staying on top of it. I'm anemic so I try to eat red meat and spinach regularly, but I mostly aim for plenty of protein and produce. I keep nature valley peanut bars stocked in the nursery and my night stand so that I can eat a snack while nursing if I haven't eaten recently. I also try to eat breakfast as soon as DS is done with his morning feeding to start my day off right. Usually yogurt, fruit, and peanut butter oatmeal bites. Oatmeal is supposedly good for upping your milk supply so I eat it in a variety of ways throughout the day. Try stashing trail mix and granola bars all over the place so that you can eat something regularly.
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