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looking for info on living in naples area

Hello! I have been searching online for some boards or discussion by parents/families who live in the naples area and having trouble finding good info so I thought I'd check out thebump, I havent been on in a long time but we are exploring a relo to the naples area  (we have lived in the northeast, midwest & southeast so this is not a first move for us) and I am looking for information about what it is like to live there w/ elementary school aged kids. Other than the weather (eg heat in summer) and influx of retirees in season and cost of housing, I'm curious about general lifestyle, schools (I have researched some & know what general area of north naples we would look based on the schools there) and would be especially interested in hearing from anyone who has moved there from another part of the country...  Thanks! If there are any other good really active local message boards I could check out would love references to that too. Googling has come up pretty sure (some city-data and sperling posts, etc).
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