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Newborn cloth vs. disposable and a cover

Hi all,

I'm expecting LO #2 sometime in August. I CD DS, but didn't start until he's was about 4 months old, so I have zero experience CDing a newborn.

I'll be leaving Germany and going to the states to have this baby, and then returning to Germany once I have the necessary documents. Considering that, I'm on the fence about whether or not I want to CD starting out, or just use disposables with covers to help keep explosions in until I come back.



Re: Newborn cloth vs. disposable and a cover

  • Where will you be staying in the states? Will you have easy access to laundry? I found a newborn stash was worth it, started from birth with both. When travelling by air I use sposies and a cover-I think that's a good option if you don't have great laundry access. Covers with an adjustable rise and wipeable inner (like rumparooz newborn) are your best bet-you could rinse in a sink and wash with regular laundry.
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  • @ForeverEverAfter
    I'll be traveling between my parents in Houston and ILs in Dallas. I'll have access to a washing machine in both places. 

    My biggest problem right now is convincing my husband. I really don't understand his line of thinking. I was planning on getting some THX AIOs, because I've used THX before and really liked them, and they're a good for the cost...but he wants me to use Honest. But at the same time he spends a lot of time looking into ways to save money and cut costs. So I don't even know. 

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  • We moved internationally at 4 months and while we were already using CD, I think we ended up using sposies during the move and shipped the CDs with everything else. We went air freight so there wasn't a terribly long wait for our stuff. Have subsequently gotten really good at CDing while traveling.

    I think CD'ing a NB while traveling is possible, you just have to be prepared to have the diapers take up a lot of your luggage space. And they get heavy, too. Which can be a consideration if you are traveling alone with baby.
  • @freezorburn
    I considered CDing while traveling. My only concern is that we'll likely being taking a Space A flight. So, I may have to wait for a flight, and I don't know what the washing situation will be during that time. And I'll be traveling alone with a then 3 year old, and a ~2 month old.

    I convinced DH on cloth. I did the math, and I'll post that in a little while in case anyone reading this is curious.

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