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Previous mc with no symptoms - now 7 weeks but anxious

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I'm 7 weeks as of today however last year had a miscarriage with no symptoms and so I can't shake my anxiety (I had a scan at 10 weeks and was told there was no heartbeat and the baby was measuring about 8 weeks which meant for two weeks my body hadnt registered what had happened). Because of that, this time around I can't stop thinking that it will happen again and I won't know until much further down the line (I have an early scan at 7+3 however have been told I won't have one then until 14 weeks).

Has anyone else been through anything similar? When I mc it helped to know I wasn't going through it alone!

Re: Previous mc with no symptoms - now 7 weeks but anxious

  • I heard a strong heartbeat at 8.5 weeks and baby was measuring right on track. When I went in for my 12week ultrasound, there was no heartbeat. The tech said it measured 8.5 weeks so it had stopped growing very shortly after the previous ultrasound.

    I am now 5 weeks pregnant and I can totally relate with how you feel.
    I feel terribly sick but I take comfort in that as with my loss I never really had many symptoms aside from sore boobs and such.

    I'm not sure if there will ever be a point where I feel completely "safe" but I just keep setting milestones for myself. Each one passed puts me closer to holding my rainbow baby. My next milestone I'm preparing for is my first ultrasound at 7w2d.

    I wish you the best!! PGAL is hard.
  • I had a missed miscarriage and a chemical pregnancy. I've had three scares with this pregnancy, including pink spotting today at 10w3d (got an u/s and everything is fine). I thought I was past the nervous part, but I guess not. So you're not alone! I hope time flies and you get peace of mind soon.
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  • I don't think the nerves really go away after you've experienced a loss. I am now 11w4d. I had a mmc at 16 weeks but baby measured closer to 15. I'm absolutely terrified about this pregnancy. Every little tiny thing that feels weird scares me. I'm always nervous. It helps me knowing that many other women are going through or have gone through the same thing. Most women do eventually go on to have healthy pregnancies after a miscarriage.
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  • Thank you ladies doe taking the time to reply. First scan tomorrow (7+3) so I suppose we will see how that goes and take it from there if all is positive xx
  • Hi there I've had one mc and two mmc and know the feeling of not trusting your body and the signs it's sending you. Something that has helped me is to try to do stuff that takes my mind off pregnancy like reading a good book, meet friends and watch a good movie with my DH. Fingers crossed for you!
  • I had a MMC at 10 weeks, baby measured 8 something (although, I found out that when baby dies, they actually start regressing in growth at a pretty quick rate. So it is hard to know when baby actually died. I had assumed it was directly after seeing it on the u/s and that hurt that I didn't know for so long, but then the doctor told me it was probably at least a week later and the baby had just started shrinking).

    This pregnancy I have been scared of the same. That every time I go in I will find out something has happened. I am currently at 16+2 though and at every check up everything seems right on track. Haven't seen baby since 5+6 and won't see again until 18 weeks, so that makes me nervous. I am just trying to trust that things are good and I am pregnant today. I also trust that my last loss was likely because of chromosomal anomalies and likely won't happen again. But that pregnancy wasn't meant to continue, and I embrace that my body kept the baby safe while it passed. I at first went through the same thoughts: how could my body NOT KNOW that the baby had died? And now I realize, my body probably did know. My symptoms had changed. It was just protecting the baby as it finished its life cycle.

    Good luck to you and I hope for all the best for all of us!! Don't doubt yourself and don't doubt the current pregnancy. You will be nervous, you will be scared, but you are doing every thing right and you will be ok. YOU ARE PREGNANT TODAY AND IT IS AMAZING!
  • I haven't read the rest of the responses yet but had to jump in.

    You are not alone.

    After 2 years of trying, On November 5 I was 13+ weeks. Everything was going wonderfully. My yucky symptoms had pretty much diminished as of that magical 12 week mark. I was feeling great. At 7 weeks we had had our first u/s to help with dating. Strong heartbeat and everything looked great. But that day, at 13+ weeks, I went to the bathroom and saw more blood than I've ever seen. I rushed into my OB and learned that our baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks. For FIVE weeks my body didn't know.....5 weeks.

    We weren't trying at all, but miraculously I'm pregnant again. Just weeks later. To say I'm terrified is a huge understatement. I just called my OB in tears the other day asking to come in for an ultrasound, knowing I'm barely 6 weeks (just found out I'm 6 weeks today). We are so lucky to have an amazing OB who is so understanding and supportive. He will take me in for an u/s any time I want. Our next is scheduled for 3 weeks from now.

    3 weeks isn't a long time - but it seems like forever to me and I'll be worrying every single day.

    You're not alone. Hugs to you.
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  • It is amazing how a loss changes the pregnancy experience. With my son I had a full placenta previa, had several bleeds and was on pelvic rest and activity restrictions. In spite of that the pregnancy was pretty relaxed I just never imagined that inspite of all that I wouldnt have a baby at the end. Fast forward to this pregnancy. This past spring had a MMC that was found with asmall bleed at 9.5, nothing compared to what is had with my son, but somehow I just knew that was it. The idea that the pregnancy had ended 2-3 weeks earlier and until that day I had no idea still shakes me, and had made it hard for to not obsess and worry this time around. It seems to be so common this anxiousness once you've had a loss. No advice just hugs...
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  • I'm in a very similar situation. I lost my last pregnancy this fall at 11.5 weeks-- I started spotting and an ultrasound confirmed that the baby had no heartbeat and was only measuring 8w6d. I had pregnancy symptoms right up to and following the miscarriage. The whole experience was traumatic and heartbreaking.

    I'm now pregnant again-- 7 weeks today-- and don't have my first doctor's appointment until this week. I'm hoping, but not optimistic, that I can convince my doctor to order an early viability ultrasound. Otherwise, I will have to wait another 4-5 weeks. I feel like we are all just in limbo waiting to see if the pregnancy is viable.

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