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Do i have to have a shower?

SO and I are still TTC so maybe this won't be an issue when the time comes, but do I have to have a shower?

Because of his job, SO and I are going to be moving several times in the next few years. I doubt we'll be spending more than a year in one place for a few years. So the likelyhood of moving while I'm pregnant is quite good. To me personally it just seems kind of like a gift grab if I have a baby shower after only living somewhere a couple of months. I wouldn't go to a shower of someone I've only known a few months, unless they really needed baby stuff. (Which we won't. SO and I both have good jobs and good savings.)

Also, most of our family live out of state and it would be a huge hassle to have an out of state shower and then ship halfway across the US or return in the other state and buy again when we get home.

If someone offers me a shower to I HAVE to accept?

Re: Do i have to have a shower?

  • Of course you don't have to accept. No one can force you. With that being said, if someone really cared about you despite not having known you for long, I'd be flattered if they offered to throw me a shower. Don't be scared off by all the "gift grabby" talk. You aren't even pregnant yet so wait and see how life plays out.

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    I've already told my mother and MIL that I don't want a shower (I'm only 15 weeks and told them this before 12). I didn't want either of them to start planning etc and have wasted their time since I am not remotely interested in having a shower thrown for me, its just not my thing. No problems with turning down an offer of a shower if you aren't interested.
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  • You definitely don't have to accept it. Totally your call. You might be overthinking it, you'd have to have someone offer to throw it first which may not even happen if you haven't really put down roots yet. Don't stress, it's fine to decline if and when this situation arises.

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  • With most showers out of state, people will choose the shipping option from the store. Your family may really want to throw you one, and you could FaceTime in. Many people really do enjoy buying baby gifts, so maybe at least you would provide them with a registry, and then whether people buy things or not doesn't matter.
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