Pregnant after a Loss

Should I get a Doppler?

Am 22 weeks and still haven't felt any definitive movement (probably because of an anterior placenta) and I'm trying to decide if getting a home doppler will (a) make me feel better, or (b) drive me even more crazy.

What do you ladies think?

Re: Should I get a Doppler?

  • I feel like B is the correct answer.  I have one, but I didn't really use it, and even with an Anterior Placenta you are so close to being able to feel something.  Totally up to you though!!  At least it wont be too hard to pick up the heartbeat when you are this far along.
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  • I'd say no. I had one with my last pregnancy and didn't start using it to much later in pregnancy, and it was a positive thing. However since my loss I think using it would cause me stress. Even without an Anterior placenta it was often difficult to use, and I think if there were days or times when I couldn't find the hb due to babies position ( home us's don't pick up as much as the doctors device) I'd be hysterical, and drive myself crazy.
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  • I did break down and bought one when I had an episode of spotting around 12 weeks. Problem being I could never find the hb myself, my husband had to do it! As soon as movement started regularly I stopped using it. So I'd say I used it for 2 months maybe. For $40 it was worth it for me. But did cause me some added anxiety when I tried myself,
  • I use mine all the time. I'm 15+3 and have been able to pick up the hb since 8+5. There was a period of like a day and a half that I couldn't find it around 9ish weeks but it's obviously harder that early. I think you'd have no problem picking it up now. That's just my opinion and experience though. I've been lucky enough to find it regularly. If I had any consistent issues with it though I'd say don't get one bc I know it would make me crazy.
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  • I feel the complete opposite! I'm so thankful to have mine! I've been able to find mine since very early on... I have an anterior placenta as well. It makes me more at ease. I've always told myself, if I can't find it give it one more day, if I still haven't found it then go get a HB check at dr. I have gone 4-5 hours on pins & needles but have found it the second attempt. You know your self... Do you think it would make you crazy or put you at ease? I'm just at 22+6 and feel movement inside but nothing I can actually "feel".
  • I have one but won't use it. For me, I need to just have faith. Also, my fear/anticipation of not finding the HB is great enough that it outweighs the idea of the benefit for me. Some people use them and love them. I think they are great, right up until the time they aren't great, and then you are running to the doctors (who recommend not using them for this very reason).
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