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Transition to whole milk

My daughter will not take whole milk I've tried all sorts of combinations with formula. Any suggestions? Or similar issue?

Re: Transition to whole milk

  • You might want to talk to your doctor. Ours says there is a *slight* benefit in keeping them on infant formula until 18 months, so we do a combo. (She doesn't like toddler formula b/c it's too much sugar). At home, he gets infant formula and then he gets whole milk when we're out. Try playing around with the temperature of the milk?  
  • have you tried heating up the milk? my daughter did not like it either when I had to transition her to whole milk and the only way she will drink it is if I heat it up.
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  • Thank you!!! I have tried all diff temperatures! Diluting with water, doing half milk/formula! Our dr said she doesn't "have" to have milk that there r other great foods we can substitute! Not ready to let go of the bottle.
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