Part time breast feeding?

I'm about to be a STM but did not breast feed with my first. I was curious if it's possible to part time breast feed. DS would need to be on formula by the time I go back to work around ten weeks. Pumping would be very difficult with my work schedule. Is it possible to breastfeed and not pump and also give formula bottles from early on?
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Re: Part time breast feeding?

  • Depends on you and the baby. I EBF 6 weeks then supplemented 1 or 2 bottles a day for 6 weeks. Returned to work at 12 weeks, can only pump twice in a 12hr shift so had a big supply drop and really was BF part time and kept it up 6 weeks. My LO got really use to bottles and started biting, screaming, and basically self weaned at 4 months, he only wants to nurse when he is tired now. Honestly I am glad I did it, no regrets. If you really can't pump at work you really shouldn't go back with full supply which could lead to clogged ducts and mastitis. I recommend to BF when baby is born and since you have 10 weeks you can EBF really like 6 weeks if you want and start weaning down to a morning and evening nursing. Good luck
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