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Breastfeeding & solids

I'm about to introduce solids to my almost 6 mo old. I've been reading that they should have a bottle with their purées and drink some before feeding. How does this work for those of you EBF? Do you nurse a little before and after? Do you give a bottle and pump? Do you just let your body adjust to not nursing that time of day? TIA

Re: Breastfeeding & solids

  • With my first child, I breastfed 1 hour before offering solids. With my 3rd, I don't watch the clock so much, but I do make sure he is not hungry when we sit down to eat. He has usually nursed 1-2 hours prior.
  • I try to nurse about 15-30 mins before I give him solids.
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  • Thank you both!
  • I actually try to get in the routine of eating smack dab in the middle of feedings. So, nurse about four, dinner about 5, nurse again after bath at 630. Solid food does NOT replace breast milk for babies that young. That's why people mean when they say "food before one is just for fun."

    I almost think of it as baby is steadily taking in more calories between 6 mos and a year. The amount of calories from breastmilk stays steady, while solids slowly increase. Then after 12 mos or later, solids start to replace breast milk.

    Its probably also okay to offer food before nursing as long as you limit the amount of food. If you nurse first you could just let baby eat until full.

    Have fun! This is a pretty fun stage for you with baby as long as you can stay relaxed and not worry too much about the amount he or she eats, but instead giving them practice and opportunities to explore food. My son, 11 months, always eats more for me than his dad. I'm sure that a lot of this is due to my dh always feeling stressed about quantity consumed and tries to contain ds' mess during eating.
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  • I don't pay attention to the clock at all for her feedings. I nurse her at wake up, before naps, a little while before dinner, and before bed. I offer her solids usually twice per day. I'm just very laid back about it.
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  • Yeah, I breastfeed then like an hour or so later I offer solids.  If she wants to nurse right after or later of course she can.  Remember breast milk is so much better for them than eating right now, so the solids are just to get her used to food.  They aren't essential right now.  My second baby barely ate a thing until he was 10 or 11 months old.  He just wouldn't go for it. 

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  • We started introducing solids about a month ago at 5 months. I'm also pretty laid back about it. I nurse first, then offer 1-2 ounces purees and let her eat, or play, as much as she wants. I usually only offer solids once a day, around our dinner time, but sometimes it's every few days, as pp mentioned, they shouldn't be getting much nutrition from solids at this point. She is just so interested in what we're eating I couldn't hold out in her any longer. 
  • When starting I carried on with nursing at normal times and then would offer food in the middle for him to try. Also when I was cooking my tea he'd sit in his high chair and I've give him something to mess with/nibble with etc and then he's kind of found his own routine. His lunch is around 11:30am as it suits him then he tends to snooze and it lets me have my lunch! He's now dropped the feed after lunch and my body has just adjusted to it as he slowly took less each time after his food. 
  • I gave my baby half a jar of baby food and nursed him after for as long as he wanted. Honestly I just let him choose if he wants milk after or not. Just go with the flow!
  • I either nurse or give a bottle like 30 mins before I give the puree. Sometimes he will only drink 2 oz other times up to 5-6 before. I usually mix some milk in with the puree so he gets some there and also have a bottle for him to drink throughout eating the puree. I always offer milk before puree because it is still his primary source of nutrition. In time you will find what works for you and your baby then just go with it. 

    On another note, any of you have ideas on what to pair plum with? It got a little tart/sour after pureeing it. Thanks in advance ! 
  • Almost 9 month old I now try for twice a day. I'll nurse when she wakes up then 30 mins or so later give some yogurt or fruit. Then in the evening about 45 mins after I BF her will give a veggie puree. She normally will only eat 1-2 ounces per meal. She was breastfeeding 7-8 times a day and since I added the 2nd meal more like 6 times a day. I hope she's taking in more milk each time though bc it should still be main source especially since a preemie. 
  • Sorry I'm not much help with the breast feeding part as my LO is on formula but I never replace a feeding with solids. We kind of have a routine down now so when she first wakes up she has a regular bottle. Then about an hour or so afterwards I'll do a little oatmeal with applesauce and 2oz of formula and then another regular 5-6oz bottle before her nap. And then I repeat the process later in the day before bath time. We are using a sippy cup now for practice. I've found it best to do solids halfway between the first and second feeding so there's enough time for them to want the solids and not be too full so she can have her regular bottle at normal time. Good luck! 
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