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EBF 2 month old: pooping A LOT! Help...

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My DD is 9 weeks old and EBF. For the past two days she hasbeen pooping constantly. Normally she will poop once or twice a week but yesterday and today she has had well over ten dirty diapers a day. I'm starting to count how many because I know the doctor will ask... Unfortuantely its 9 pm and I have had to call the on call number at our doctors office and that woman is calling the on call nurse and she will give me a call back at some point... I honestly don't know how normal this is. For a breastfed baby I read that normally their bowel movement's decrease so I'm getting worried. I'm worrying about her possibly gettingd dehydrated... Any tips? I'm a first time mom and I'm worried about my little girl...

Re: EBF 2 month old: pooping A LOT! Help...

  • I'm not too sure about the amount of poops because it does fluctuate but ways you can check for dehydration are if the soft spot on her head is super sunken in (dehydrated) or squishy (not dehydrated) and if she is drooling or her mouth is plenty wet then she's hydrated, those are just some tips my pedi gave me to check. Hope everything is ok!
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  • If you are worried, try putting her to the breast more often until you hear back. Don't give her water, which I know you didn't mention but I figured it's throw that in there in case you were tempted. Good luck!
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  • Some breastfed babies poop less as they get older, but many continue to have very frequent BMs. I wouldn't worry too much unless the poop seems off - is it a different color or consistency.
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  • My EBF babe also went from once or twice per week to constant pooping. It happened a few days after her vaccines, so I figured it was probably the rotavirus vaccine. Two weeks later now she still goes quite a bit, but not as bad as before. So strange!
  • My daughter who is ebf has ALWAYS pooped a lot. She literally poops every time she eats, every 3-5 hours.
    But she's not dehydrated and is perfectly healthy, so as long as your daughter is acting normal, eating frequently, etc, I wouldn't stress it. :smile:
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    The nurse on call told me to five her Pedialyte in between feedings. So we will be trying that. She said she isn't concerned about dehydration yet but since she is having diarreah also so it could be a concern. DD hasn't really been acting her usual self. She is a lot more fussy. The first day this all began she cried all day long.. Yesterday she wouldn't tolerate being on her belly at all, she fussed more only to stop when she would be placed on my chest, and also took a lot longer to be put down to sleep... It should be a rule that babies don't get sick because this momma is worried to death.
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