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Talk to me about mucus

I almost hate posting this, but I need info and you ladies are all so sweet. I was just at the gym walking the track and had to go to the bathroom. When I did, I wiped a huge glob of mucus away (sorry). No blood, didn't really like abnormal except for the fact that it was a lot. So now I'm feeling slightly panicky. I am 15+2 and have no other weird symptoms although the more I worry, the more I start feeling pressure (could be real, could be imagined since I am worrying).

Any one else have any experience with mucus loss? It honestly looked like I had a bad cold and sneezed in to some tissue. Any reassurance that it could be normal would be great. Or any insights on what it could be from would be great too.

Re: Talk to me about mucus

  • I just googled it and they recommend calling your dr (which is always a good idea). I'm not sure if they would be open on New Year's Day, though. I hope everything turns out to be okay!
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  • Not open today or this weekend. Not sure if it warrants the on call doc or the ED. No pain, no further mucus, and no bleeding. Hoping it is somewhat ordinary!
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  • I had a blob of creamy cm but I am only 4 weeks 4 days...Fingers crossed all is well with you!
  • From what i have read mucus is normal. I have had more with my pregnancy. Not sure how big of a blob you are talking about but you could def call the office. They should have someone on call shouldn't they?
  • Your mucus plug can have parts fall out but as long as you do not have any bleeding, most of it is still intact and it will regenerate.

    Keep an eye on it but I don't think you should worry.
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  • I'm 15+1 and noticed this yesterday. I was freaking out, too. Immediately my mind goes to holy crap this is my mucus plug, I'm in labor. Then I remember what it was like when I actually did lose my mucus plug with my first rainbow baby (at 39+5) and yeah, not even close. That was like a bloody, creepy, huge amount of mucus. What I had yesterday was totally clear and not that much. And it's stopped now. I'm guessing it's normal. I'm still finding a good, strong hb with my Doppler.
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  • I've only ever gotten to 8w4d but every time I exercise I get huge globs of cervical mucus - maybe it's because I do some pretty intense workouts, but I know it's not my mucus plug. Plus PP is right, as long as there's not blood you should be just fine. If you're really worried you can ease the anxiety by calling your doctor.
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  • Exercising definitely generates more "discharge" in general for me. I'm 23w3d and have had several occasions where I go to the bathroom and wipe a pretty substaintial amount of mucous away. It usually just happens once though and then won't happen again for a while. Oddly enough, it doesn't worry me (and everything worries me these days!). I think excess mucus is pretty normal but it's always a good idea to at least tell your doctor.

  • No discharge since and every thing continues to feel the same. Im wondering if it might have been resulting from the *bedroom exercise* from the day before and then walking around the track just shook anything remaining loose.....

    For some reason I'm no longer worried about it (which is weird. I worry about everything) but I think it's the lack of other symptoms that is soothing me. I still expect to see bad stuff evey time I wipe!
  • Honestly, I've been wearing a panty liner since early in the pregnancy, because things get messy down here, between mucus, and just wetness it saves my panties.  One of the ladies on my BMB says that you'll have a rainbow of things coming out of there, so I'm not at all concerned with discharge, unless it was really something I've never seen before.
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