Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnant After Ectopic- Update!!

So a little while back I posted on here about randomly getting a BFP, and being terrified.  I had an ectopic pregnancy in July, unfortunately it ruptured and I hemorrhaged severely.  I had emergency surgery and lost my left tube, it was a horrid experience.  Well, I had my first ultrasound on Christmas Eve, and... it's in the right place and not in a tube!! I was so relieved, every little twinge of pain made me so nervous.  So everything is measuring exactly on track, and I was 5 weeks exactly.  I go back next week for another ultrasound to check for viability/heartbeat.  Fingers Crossed!!!

Happy New Year Ladies!!!

BFP#1 -3/18/12- M/C 3/31/12,
BFP#2 -4/25/12, Beta#1 17dpo= 800, Beta#2 20dpo= 3800, Ethan James born 1-5-13

BFP#3- February 2015- natural miscarriage

BFP#4- June 2015- Ruptured ectopic, severe hemorrhage and loss of left tube on 7/10/2015

BFP#5- 12/18/15



Re: Pregnant After Ectopic- Update!!

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