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Happy New Year

Wanted to wish all you ladies a Happy New Year! Be safe and take it easy. I will be home with H and DS trying to make it past 10:00 LoL :)

Re: Happy New Year

  • Happy New Years eve!
  • egraves4 said:
    Ladies... We've made it to the year our LO's will be born... I never thought I would make it!!
    I wasn't sure I would either. Though I suppose there is still technically time...

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  • Happy New Year! Can't believe it's finally going to be 2016.
  • 2016.. Wow. I keep thinking 2007 was last year.. Good luck to everyone trying to make it to midnight! I am falling asleep to criminal minds, which is just crazy!
    Hooray for the year of babies!
    And @mamacastro you can borrow my time, it's 10pm already. My mom always celebrates New Years on east coast time, that way she gets to go to bed at 9 :lol:
  • Happy new years!! Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year! One more month until we meet these babies!
  • Happy New Year Ladies!!!
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