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Who waited until all blood/NT results were in before announcing?

I had the Sequential Integrated Screening test done. I have completed both of my blood draws and had the NT scan. On 12/21 I did the 2nd blood draw. So far the first blood draw with the NT scan look good. The combined results of both blood tests and the NT scan won't be in for another 2 weeks (according to Kaiser this morning). I am 16 weeks and anxious to announce tonight on NYE but I was hoping I would have all the results by now.... Ugh. Just wondering who else waited until they had the 2nd blood test results and who announced after 1st blood test and NT scan?
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Re: Who waited until all blood/NT results were in before announcing?

  • goldie987goldie987
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    We told extended family after the first set of tests, but are waiting to put anything online (if we put anything at all) until after the 2nd screening at 16 weeks.

    Eta - I am at higher risk for neural tube defects so that's why we're waiting on the quad screen to tell more than family and close friends, not that it would really change much but if something isn't looking perfect, then we want to know before telling everyone and their mom.

  • I waited for the MT21 and the NT and blood scan. I didn't wait until the 16wk quad screen since I'm low risk for anything it measures at this point
  • We told our close friends and family pretty early, then got bad results from the blood work, but luckily the CVS test came out great. I didnt regret telling people, it was great to have support during that tough time.
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  • Unless there's a reason to, by OB doesn't test for anything until 18 weeks. You find out the results at 19 weeks. There's no way I would've been able to hide my pregnancy for that long. We did wait until the end of the first tri tho, when chance of miscarriage was low and we had heard the HB.
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  • I am still waiting for the last blood draw and results of the integrated prenatal screen (I expect results somewhere around 16 weeks) and I'm not telling extended family and less close friends until after the results. 
  • I waited to announce on social media until we had everything back. Family and close friends knew well before social media though. I did my second round of bloodwork on a Friday and had my results in less than a week.
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  • We waited but not based on the tests.  Plus our situation is very different so I don't know if you can make a comparison to us.  I would go ahead and announce if you really want.  Will the test results change your decision at this point?
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  • We waited until after NT and harmony blood test to tell less close friends and extended family- still haven't announced on FB may do so mid-Jan.
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  • We announced after our first US at almost 9 weeks. I hadn't done blood work yet, NT wasn't for another 3-ish weeks, and I haven't done the 2nd trimester blood work either. Lol. FTM, I've been in great health my entire life, so we didn't see the need to wait. But that was just us.

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  • We told everyone when I was 5 weeks.  I understand why some wait, but if I had miscarried, there is no way I could or would want to deal with that on my own.  Also, my Dr. doesn't do any genetic testing unless your are high risk or ask for it and he does only one sonogram at 20 weeks.  So, there's no way I could wait til then.  I was showing at 13 weeks.
  • I waited to see that the NT scan at 12 weeks went well, they told us everything looked normal. I didn't wait for the full blood test to come in because my risk was so low, and everything was pointing to a healthy baby, the way it did with my other two.
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  • laurenm2123laurenm2123
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    I told close family and friends right away, waited until the NT results to tell work and announce on FB
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  • I'm just over 16 weeks and had the quad screen blood draw on Wednesday.  I'm high risk due to MTHFR so my OB is concerned about neural tube defects. I thought we'd wait until we got the results to announce publicly, but with the holiday they said I probably wouldn't get the results for 2 weeks.  I'm a teacher and when we get back from break I wanted to announce to my first semester classes.  They have been so kind and hard working this semester, I wanted to share with them and thank them for being so easy to work with through my insane fatigue (not that they knew why!).  I have been feeling really good though and so far all my checkups were good.  We did not do the 12 week screen since it can't test for neural tube defects.  So yesterday we decided to go for it and announce.  I was sick of waiting and wanted to share my good news.  I guess if something comes back in my blood work, at least I know I have a support network to lean on. Good luck! 
  • I'm 15 weeks tomorrow and I just announced on Facebook this morning. My NT scan and blood work came back normal, and my next blood test is in a couple weeks. We told our  families at 9 weeks.

  • I am 16 week 4 days and I have yet to tell
    anyone. Except father. All my checkups have been good, and the baby's heart rate is strong we just feel it will be more real for people to know we are pregnant and what we are having at the same time
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