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Need advice.. :/

What do I dooo...... To start I am 15 weeks and 4 days... I have no appitite at all..just don't want to eat and nothing sounds good... I wait till I get those super bad hunger pains... I try to eat and I get sick every time... Up until 13 weeks I was always sick but able to keep fruit and salad down now I can't keep anything down not even grapes or carrots... Iffy about trying zofran I've heard good things but also heard some bad... No proof but that it can be linked to birth defects... Trying to do this without the pills but I feel like I'm starving myself

Re: Need advice.. :/

  • Definitely talk to your doctor about your options. Baby will take what it needs from you, even at a cost to you. And that cost could be pretty hefty. Discuss your options and seem doctors advice.

  • Thanks :) and I hear you I'm just nervous about pills.... I have to wait another week till I see my Dr... I just feel like its my number one reason for the lack of energy or motivation to do the smallest tasks ... My boyfriend is supportive but doesn't actually realize what I'm going through so he makes comments and is always trying to force me to eat.. Someone else told me that.. eat small all day and don't let yourself get hungry but its easier said than done absolutely nothing sounds appitizing just can't wait till it's over ... Not so sure I want to do this a second time
  • Not 100% I believe she mentioned zofran when we spoke last I didn't take the percription but this time around I'm taking whatever she offers.... Maybe googleing was a bad idea that's what has me nervous
  • What I take (Diclectin) is only available in Canada I believe but taking unisom + b6 would be pretty much the same if you're in the States. Maybe you'd be more comfortable trying that before the Zofran?
  • I'll mention it to her :)
  • Hi there @an6elmarie soooo this is a disgusting option but it's a natural cure all and my cousin (who had serious vomitting issues for her pregnancy tried it and it helped).

    Raw, organic, apple cider vinegar! Take a shot of that (about two ounces) when you wake up. Wash it down with water (and honey helps). It alcolines the body, and has been proven to help with the nausea, even headaches. She was able to keep food down when she started taking ACV. It took about two days for her body to get with the program but she could eat breads, pasta, fruits, veggies, and lean meats without issues! Hope it helps!

    But yes... Do not starve yourself or your baby! Definitely talk to your doctor about your options.

    Good luck!
  • That sounds so gross lol tempted to try it for the relief I'll keep it in mind if it becomes to much before the 8th... Can't imagine throwing straight vinigar back up can't even imagine it going down easy.... Being pregnant just isn't as wonderful as some women say it is... As we speak I feel hungry but can't bring myself to eat... Other than getting sick nothing tastes good to me anymore or even sounds appetizing..... My other half asked me if I could have anything I wanted right now what would I want I couldn't even answer him :/ maybe I should try replacement shakes?
  • Lol if you can handle juice and milk... Then yes! The shakes will help. You can get ensure brand which has tons of protein and other things you need in it. Bare minimum as a food source.
  • Try ginger. Raw ginger, ginger tea, ginger candy, candied ginger, ginger snaps. It may help.
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  • For me it was cold strawberries. Just sucking on a few strawberries would help stop nausea and wake my appetite. I started eating a couple before each small meal and it really helped.
  • @HBamama2B That's a great tip.

    I found frozen grapes really helpful and super cold ice water with lemon when I was battling nausea. I lived on white carbs for weeks.
  • The apple cider vinegar actually does help as weird as it sounds.

    The Zofran is pretty heavy duty, I totally understand you having hesitations. I am taking diclectan and have been since week 6.

    My father in law is a Osteopath Doctor in the USA and he suggested a homeopathic remedy called Nux Vomica - you can get it at a whole foods or similar if you have access to one. It helps take the edge off.

    Other things that can help are vitamin B6, and my midwife also said I can take Gravol if I need it (that is a Canadian brand of dimenhydrate) which I do some times at a low dowse when the nausea is getting to me (sometimes at work)

    For food I've had terrible aversions, and it's been like learning to eat again. I lived on chef boyardee, lucky charms, and Popsicles for more weeks than I would like to admit. I was also really into Gatorade and pineapple juice with soda.

    Basically I now walk around the grocery store and pick random things that look good with no judgement and a little common sense.

    - frozen strawberries
    - Oranges
    - Crispy minis
    - Beef jerky
    - Candied salmon
    - Snap peas and baby carrots and dip
    - Pancakes and whipped cream with peanut butter
    - Baked potatoes from Wendy's with double sour cream
    - Wendy's chili
    - Frozen yogurt (places we have here are menchies and pink berry)
    - Smart pop
    - Yummy flavored yogurts
    - Canned peaches
    - Ramen noodles (like ichiban)

    Basically a lot of acceptable food but kinds I wouldn't normally eat.

    Also if someone can cook for you, I found that eating food I didn't have to think about was much easier :)

    Hope that helps and I hope you feel better soon!
  • Our BM is starting to have the same problems.  She just asked our OB about it and she said that anything she can get down that has calories is good.  You should try to eat even 1-2 bites every so often, like every 30 minutes or so just to get your calories in.  They weren't particularly concerned about protein but more just calories.  Baby will take what it needs but you need energy for yourself too.  I hope you feel better!!
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  • I have been sick since week 6 or 7 and have been taking zofran the whole time. I'm on the 8mg now and it works wonders!! Does cause constipation. I was very worried about it as well so I expressed my concerns to my obgyn. She told me she has been prescribing it for years and years and has never delivered a baby who had problems from it and that she would not give me anything that would harm the baby! Definitely try it, it's amazing stuff.. at some point you have to have some relief! Also I keep crackers on my night stand, when I get the hunger pain, I munch on a few.. it does help!
  • Thanks ladies helps a lot ;) used to eat frozen grapes I should have thought of that.. Grapes seem to be one of the only things I can keep down without fighting to keep it in... Going to try a few of the things I read from you all and Friday for sure talk to her about my options I'm happy to hear the baby takes what it needs so my situation isn't harming him or her but at the same time like you said ....its causing my to lack energy and nothing gets done that needs to be done because I just feel like complete crap and lay around.... I appreciate you all :) this was my first post I just discovered the community part of the app ... Have to say its pretty nice
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