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Working out okay in the 2ww?

I hear and read such conflicting info that I don't know what is right.. The dr didn't give me a clear answer.. just said take it easy but working out is ok.. don't heat the body core... ugh i don't know what that means or if i am.. I do 5 days a week of cardio elliptical machine for 30 min.. my hr is usually around 130.. i used to do much more intense workouts but since i had a miscarriage last jan i am super paranoid.  I am paranoid about what I am doing now even.. I stopped doing sit ups after ovulation and won't do them until i see if i get my period.. So sick of the waiting game and not knowing what can hurt and what can't.......

Re: Working out okay in the 2ww?

  • I've always been told to keep up whatever exercise program that your doing throughout TTC and pregnancy. Depending on what your program is, you may have to make modifications. I would probably not ramp up mileage or anything, but what your talking about sounds fine. I had a miscarriage this month and I'm actually starting to ramp up my routine after lagging during pregnancy and few weeks after my D&C, because I feel like my lapse in exercise after being pretty active, triggered my miscarriage. Dr said it probably wasn't due to that, but that's one of the reasons my mind has gone with during the grieving process. Now I just want to get in a good routine and stick with it as long as I can after we hopefully get the BFP.

    I think the don't heat up the body core rec is for after your pregnant right? I've never heard it for the TWW.
  • I have been told (by doctors) that it is just fine to continue working. They recommend to continue at the level your body is used to. This is probably not the time to try for a PR in the NY marathon, but continuing at your normal levels is just fine and actually was recommended to me (for all the usual health and de-stress reasons). I had one nurse mention about not getting my core body temp up via working out-- i was also confused on how to know when it was up etc. But i checked with my dr and another nurse and they disagreed and said it was old advice and not scientifically based. 

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