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What to do to pass the time

Hi everyone,
I am a first time mom due February 22 with my little boy.
I am almost 33 weeks and I am losing my mind. I know he needs a few weeks to finish developing and be healthy so I don't want him to come too early, but I am getting so anxious for my little one to be here!
I try distracting myself. I have nested and cleaned. I've preregistered, figured out pediatricians, packed bags, completely organized my house, made freezer meals, stocked up on groceries, baby essentials, washed/sterilized all babies things and put them away. Pretty sure I have baby proofed and disinfected my entire house on multiple occasions. I've spoiled my SO and spent time with him and will continue to. I've pampered myself some as well. I've actually been sleeping pretty well the past several night.. I work a full time job, 8:30-4:30 5 days a week... I've played video games, watched movies and netflix, played solitaire or done crosswords. I read a lot. I'm taking 2 free classes online for fun..
I cannot seem to keep myself occupied or busy. I need something to help pass the time for the next few weeks until he is here.
Anyone experiencing something similar?
Someone help me please!

Re: What to do to pass the time

  • Sounds like your on top of it! Busier than I am!


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  • You are doing just fine. In the long run you are prepared and guess what that is a great thing! Just do what you feel you need to do.
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    You could come over and help me do the same prep :smiley:
    Its hard waiting at the end... With our first we moved to another state 6 weeks before my due date and it was actually nice because it kept me busy and distracted.
    Are there special projects you and DH can do? We've been doing a bunch and its making me feel like we don't have enough time left! Landscaping, building cabinets, putting up shelves and a peg board, installing keypad lock on front door, detailing the cars, moving appliances to clean behind them, flushing the water heater, decluttering, etc.
    Also, have you made freezer snacks and breakfasts? Muffins freeze well and are so easy to grab and eat one handed. Started on a baby book? There are things you can fill out ahead of time. Read about breastfeeding/infant care/postpartum healing?
    Hope that helps!

    ETA: thought of a few more- get haircuts/treatments, nails, prepare for any events occurring within a few months after LO's arrival, like buying gifts for a nephews birthday or cards for anniversaries.

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  • They let you pre register already?
  • They let you pre register already?

    My hospital wanted me preregistered by 24 weeks. I couldn't until I got my new health insurance cards but they definitely wanted it done early
  • @ashton2190 I am so jealous. They still won't let me preregister. We have to wait until we are 35.5 or above. Which in my opinion defeats the purpose of PREregistering. Your hospital sounds like they are on the ball though!
  • No suggestions since it sounds like you've done everything! I'm super jealous of your energy levels:)

    Totally understand they way you're feeling though. Similar to pp maybe make a list of things to do around your house? The more you think about it the more it's going to drive you crazy!
  • You sound like me with my first one. Now I'm 35 weeks with this one and I have accomplished NOTHING to prepare for him (at least that's how I feel). With #1, I made sure that DH and I got out as much as possible to see friends, family, socialize, eat out at nicer (quieter, not so kid friendly) restaurants, went to movies, etc. Anything that you won't be able to do for awhile or that is difficult to do with a kiddo, try to do a lot of it now. :) Congrats on being so on top of things!!
  • oh my goodness! haha I feel like I've done nothing compared to you! Congrats!!
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  • No advice but I wanted to say that I am pretty jealous of all the things you have done. We are still organizing our mess out of the nursery after it became the "dump room" when DS switched rooms. And my shower is next weekend so I have waited to buy things. Nothing is done except some clothes shopping. So I second what PP said and say that you can come help me...

  • You can crochet baby a blanket and some winter hats? Crocheting can be pretty time consuming.
  • You can come to my house and help me do all that stuff!! I'm due Feb 26th and feel like I have nothing done!!! ...nursery isn't done, haven't had baby shower yet, haven't washed baby clothes, haven't done any cleaning/organization other then my weekly routine... I guess I really should work on the baby to-do list but there's just not enough hours in a day (or energy/motivation in me!

    I second @cMichelle0423 learn to knit or crochet! You can make lots of cute stuff for your baby! I made a blanket for LO when I found out I was pregnant. Made a hats for some friends who had babies in the fall.
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