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Ephrata Hospital vs. Heart of Lancaster

Hi, I'm new to the bump and am expecting in the summer of 2016. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with delivering at either Ephrata Hospital or Heart of Lancaster. My current ob delivers at Ephrata and it is closer to home, but I am surveying all of my options so that I can make the best choice for myself and my baby. Any opinions are much appreciated!!

Re: Ephrata Hospital vs. Heart of Lancaster

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    I am due in summer in 2016 also and I am using Heart of Lancaster.  They are big breastfeeding--but I don't feel pressured or pushed in to it at all.  They are very nice and easy to have conversations with.  This is my first so I am not sure how the delivery procedures go.
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    I delivered at Ephrata in February and LOVED it! The nurses and midwives were absolutely wonderful! They send a nurse/Lactation consultant out to do a home visit 2-3days after you leave the hospital which I found very helpful. It's amazing how much you forget when you leave the hospital and how many questions you will have after the first few days home!
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