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Who uses these diapers?  pros/cons?

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  • My cousins swear by them. Their son has very sensitive skin and apparently these are the only ones that don't irritate him. They're so expensive, though! I'm a FTM but I think if I came across this problem I'd try cloth diapering before spending so much on a pack of 12 diapers.

  • They changed them recently and a lot of people who loved them now hate them. We cloth diaper now, but from early experience with my first, my choices for disposables are Pampers Swaddlers and Babyganics.
  • I used them for a while with DD because of rash problems. But when we found out we were expecting a second I couldn't justify the cost anymore. They are very expensive even when you do the bundle. We now use cloth for DS and will for the new baby too.

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  • We have bought them just to have "cute" ones around, but they aren't my favorite diaper. I swear by our Huggies Cruisers.
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  • They are really soft and nicely made. However, they didn't fit my son as well as pampers swaddlers. Not sure if they were leaking or just wasn't as absorbent. Like PP said, you have to just try different kinds and see what works for you and baby. Everyone is different. :-) 
  • Sign up on their email list, they often so freebies where you pay for shipping get $50 in product. You'll pay $10 in shipping but get some diapers and some of the bath stuff. Might be worth it to have some on hand if you're thinking about it, and then you can decide once LO is here.
  • We tried them but I was annoyed by how the free trial on their site automatically enrolls you in expensive monthly bundles that I had to call (and spend an hour on hold) to cancel, so I didn't want to use them. There was a big controversy over their sunblock recently too if I remember right.

    We use Seventh Generation Touch of Cloth for daytime and their beige colored overnight diapers at night. DS has eczema and also gets a nasty diaper rash from any diapers with that blue dye on the inside. The seventh generation ones are plain white or beige with no colors at all. We used Pampers Swaddlers and then Cruisers for over a year before he developed that reaction to the Cruisers line.

    From what I've seen, a lot depends on your baby's shape. Some diapers fit great on some kids and leak badly on others because of how long or short, chubby-thighed or skinny, wider hipped or narrow hipped they are. The sizes you need also don't always match up to the suggested baby weight ranges for that reason. You might want to get samples or small packages of a few types and just try them out (just watch out for any automatic enrollments on the free samples :) ) If skin issues run in the family, avoid the ones with dye on the inside.
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  • I like them because they're cute. You can get virtually identical generic brand natural/un-dyed diapers without the cute designs for way less. I cloth diaper so I rarely buy disposables but when I do I occasionally buy Honest Company just because I'm used to having adorable colours and patterns on my daughter's butt :P I don't think I would ever use them full-time though, too pricey.
  • I used them for a bit, I liked them. I love pampers though, so I eventually went back to them. I find that compared to pampers, honest diapers smell a ton more. I know that it's mostly due to the chemicals in Pampers, but they are just so much better for us.

    When I used Honest, I always had him in a pamper at night because I didn't trust them at night. The patterns are cute, but they really aren't all that.
  • I had to use Honest diapers because my daughter was allergic to pampers/huggies/luvs/everything for almost  year. They worked very well for us and I never had a blow out or leak (except at night when she slept 10+ hours, occasionally we'd get a leak). 

    I will use them for baby #2 and see how it goes. I like that they are chemical-free. 
  • Thanks for the replies. I'm curious about cloth diapers. I see a lot of you use them. Other than cost (which is obviously a big thing), why did you decide cloth over disposable?
  • Thanks for the replies. I'm curious about cloth diapers. I see a lot of you use them. Other than cost (which is obviously a big thing), why did you decide cloth over disposable?

    Two of my friends have chosen them due to skin sensitivities running in their families. It was easier for them to plan on it than to decide once baby arrived.
  • I used cloth because of cost, trying to limit the exposure to chemicals in disposable diapers (we use them at night time and when we travel), and because they are a lot cuter. I never really found the extra laundry an issue, once we got into a routine.

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  • Cloth is cute! The savings are huge, you can use totally all natural and organic fibers if you like and for the most part they simply perform better than disposables. It never even crossed my mind to use cloth til we were 6-7 months in to our 9 months worth of gifted Pampers and I realized how much money and trash we were throwing away.
  • Also, in response to the Honest sunscreen issue... yes, they did some shady stuff this year and dropped the active ingredient by more than half AND greatly increased the wear time, basically making customers burn by using less SPF for a longer time between applications. I had the original, effective sunscreen and REALLY hope they go back to that formula because we loved it.
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    The biggest factor for us has been cost savings. DS doesn't have sensitivities but DD did so there is a chance this baby will too. Plus they have a high resale value of they are taken care of properly. So I will likely get a portion of my money back unlike if I used disposable diapers.

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  • I'm glad this is moving into a cloth diapers!

    I am just starting to purchase cloth diapers used to form a collection.

    I remember cloth diapers when my mom used them for my sister. The crazy huge diapers and pins, and the stinky pail lol. I'm very happy to see that the products available have changed.

    I am ordering all bummies brand with prefolds. Infant size and then the next size. We'll see how it goes!

    I've also looked up how to wash them in my front loader which takes a few tricks apparently.

    I do plan to use some disposables for convenience but as few as possible. Both for environmental and cost.
  • In my experience, there's no real trick to cleaning cloth diapers in a front-loading washer. We do a hot rinse with Bac-Out and then a hot heavy-duty cycle with an extra rinse. Easy peasy!

    For me, there are a lot of benefits to cloth (including that they're super cute). To begin with, I will be spending exactly $0 to diaper this baby since I've already got one in cloth. We use gDiapers when we travel, so we will need to buy more disposable inserts, but it's still cheaper than full-time disposable diapers for two kids. Also, in 26 months of cloth diapering, I have never had one single blowout.

    In addition to some of the issues PPs have noted about Honest Co., I was really turned off by the way they tried to push around the Honest Toddler blog. (Google it if you're unfamiliar.)
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  • Kroger also sells chemical free diapers which I like to use often, my go to for my son has been pampers though so no advice on honest co other than suggesting going to a store like target or Kroger and looking for chemical free diaper.
  • @MynaBird Thanks for the tip on gDiapers they look like a really convenient and cute option.
  • I didn't cloth diaper and haven't tried Honest Co. Just wanted to throw in that we love Kirkland diapers (Costco). They're the only non-name brand diapers that we like. GL!

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  • @gauge1234 You're welcome! They don't work for everyone, but they are a great option if they fit your kid. We found that when she was a little baby, gDiapers just didn't fit her right, so they were a little leaky. (It could also have been that we just weren't very good at using them yet.) But once she hit about nine months, they started fitting perfectly, and they're really great for travel and on-the-go. I bought our first set used on eBay and got a really good deal on them.

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