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JJ Cole Diaper Bag

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a JJ Cole diaper bag?  If so do you like it, or will you be getting something else?  They looked nice online but I have not seen one in person. 

Re: JJ Cole Diaper Bag

  • I had a JJ Cole Caprice with my DD, and it was great. I used it for 18 months, and it still looks new. Good durability, and a good number of pockets (particularly the designated bottle pockets). I had no issues with it.

    This time I purchased the larger Skip Hop Duet, simply because I will be hauling stuff for two kids now - and I wanted something that looked more like a purse than a diaper bag.

  • I also have a Caprice; I've been using it since DD2 was born almost 3 years ago. It's still in great condition, except that DH caught the handles on a door last week and ripped one. Sigh. I'll probably be buying another JJ Cole this time around because of how happy I've been with it.

  • I vote why have just one? :) I think I have about 8 diaper bags. Different bags serve different purposes. Some fit the stroller better or are better for short trips. Mine got smaller as baby got older. 
  • I really want a Bushka bag!!  DH thinks it dumb to spend $200 on a diaper bag though :(  I will probably end up with a cheap one from Target....lol first world problems huh ;)
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  • vulpinivulpini
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    I have the Satchel from when DS was born. The handles broke/ripped out after about 15 months of daily use and the zipper pull on one of the little front pockets broke off and got lost after a year or so. I can still use the big shoulder strap it came with instead of the cute now broken purse handles though, so I don't plan to replace it just yet. I'll see if I might want to use a backpack after baby is here and I have a better idea of what life with a baby and toddler is like.
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  • I have a jj cole backpack diaper bag and I love it! It fits everything I need and it keeps my arms free!
  • I love my petunia pickle bottom diaper bag. I can wear it as a bag or a backpack.   They always have good closeout sales throughout the year, as they can be expensive.  Just thought I would throw that this one out, if people haven't heard of them. 
  • I had one from my registry from my first. The one I had - the swag bag, or something like that, didn't fit very much. It looked a lot bigger than it was and the shape was not very convenient. I just recently got a JuJu Be BFF and I absolutely love it! It is so spacious and the ability to wear as a back pack has been so crucial when running around with two kids. I highly recommend it.
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  • I have one that I registered for from babies r us before I had our first and was not a fan :# honestly I have never used a diaper bag, my regular purse with extra pockets always worked great! Especially if you plan on breastfeeding! :)
  • Thanks everyone! 

  • Late to the party but I want to second a bag that converts to a backpack. Hands totally free and no issues with the bag swinging down as you bend over and then whipping your kid in the face. Not that that's happened to me... Ummm.
  • I love my petunia picklebottom for when we are on vacation and I can use as a backpack. I don't like it normally though, it's very heavy and difficult to get things out in a hurry since it's so tight and compact. I ended up using a Thirty One bag that is open and has lots of pockets. I think I'm going to do that again this time.
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