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Wife is sick pretty much every day?

Hi all.

My wife is 9 weeks pregnant at the moment and suffering with sickness. It's every day she's either retching or actually vomiting.... I know people say it's natural I'm just looking for reassurance really :(

It seems like the longest wait ever until our meeting with the doc at 13 weeks

Re: Wife is sick pretty much every day?

  • Yeah morning sickness sucks :( just encourage her to eat whatever she can, and drink fluids. Saltine crackers and Gatorade were great for me when I had trouble keeping down food and drink. Hopefully her morning sickness won't last much longer!
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    everything is okay! it's just morning sickness. hopefully it won't last much longer for her. some women find morning sickness eases in the 2nd Tri. others aren't so lucky.

    like PP stated, saltine crackers & Gatorade are really great for helping with the nausea. i would often freeze Gatorade in my ice cube tray & suck in them when needed. they also sell these things called Preggie Pops, which i got at Babies R' Us. they're little hard candies that help with the nausea. maybe look into those for her?

    good luck!
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  • Morning sickness is a real bummer. I'm 29 weeks and I had morning sickness till around 18 weeks. So just hang in there! It'll get better.

    At this point it's important for her to eat, so healthy or not, "real food" or otherwise, she just needs to eat whatever she can. And take prenatals. Baby will get what it needs.

    If it's really bad and she's losing a lot of weight, your doctor can prescribe something to help.
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    Normal. It doesn't happen the same for everybody either. I couldn't eat well almost my entire pregnancy. Imagine 9 months of stomach flu. Be good to her. Do whatever she asks you to do.
  • I lived on tacos and cinnamon toast crunch during my first pregnancy. They were the only two things that didn't make me want to barf.

    Welcome to oregnancy. Unfortunately, "morning" sickness, for many, comes with the territory. As others have said, it may get better and it may not.

    I highly recommend that she called her doctor and asks for some nausea medication. Many times, doctors can prescribe this without having to see the patient, so it's worth a call.

    Go to the store and load up on saltines, cheerioes, crystallized ginger, and Gatorade. Hang in there! I know it's unsettling for you, but I promise it's worse for her.

  • I can understand her pain. I appologize for the drama; but I was so sick I thought I was going to die. If you can, go get vitamin B2, it did WONDERS for me. Also, have her eat something every few hours, never let her get hungry, it actually causes more nausea. Finally, have her take her prenatals right before bed. Good luck!
  • Im living off top Ramon and fruit cocktail. Im 13 weeks. My MS is getting better but not completely gone. My Husband takes such good care of me.
    MS can be hard to deal with but stay encouraged you'll have a little one in the end.
    P.S. im sick right now
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