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Question for parents to be with no family

Hello everyone,

I have a question for those of you that may be in the same boat as us, or may have been at one point. My husband and I travel following his job, which changes every few weeks going state to state. (Hes a pipefitter) Do any of you have suggestions for preparing for baby on the road and getting all needs taken care of with out any family or outside assistance? We won't even be able to have a baby shower, so being able to do everything as easily and efficiently as possible is really important.

He works 10 hour days so I will be taking care of baby primarily alone from the gate. Thanks in advance for any tips and suggestions :)

Re: Question for parents to be with no family

  • I haven't had a baby shower yet and that's basically pushing it. All my friends are back in South Africa so there wasn't anyone I felt close enough to invite. I have family here but they aren't close enough to just fly in for a shower. I did have a co-worker give me a TON of baby clothes that her girl wore who is only 8 months now which helped a lot. As far as other things, I have been buying 2-3 things (depending on price) with every pay check. I went a little overboard this month so I am hanging on until I get paid again. But I find that it helped a ton. I am not on the road at all so I don't have advice for moving around a lot. I got her dresser at a thrift store and it's very nice! Also amazon has a ton of deals right now. I think just stay plugged in where ever it is you go. Find a mommy class and try to make friends there or something like that. I don't really know anyone here and all my friends are people I work with. I'd like that to change but it is harder making friends once you aren't in school anymore! You could send out baby shower invites to your family that aren't in state and see if they mail you something! That's something I'll be doing.  I hope any of this helps a bit! And I wish you the best of luck! I'm sure it's not easy.
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  • Keep in mind that a lot of what is purchased for babies are more frills than needs. Try to find mommy pages in the areas that you go to in order to make some connections and always be looking ahead for a good doctor to take baby to as there will be lots of check ups and you always want to feel safe and comfortable if he/she ever gets sick. 

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  • Thanks you guys for the tips. I appreciate it :) Does any one have tips for traveling long distances (usually by car) with a newborn? We plan on using the bassinet on our pack and play for hotel use for now as far as night time sleep is concerned.
  • We are stationed on the east coast but all our family lives west. We just got the necessities (pack and play with a sleeper, etc) because we move in a year. Our moms are visiting at some point but overall we are pretty much alone in it too. I found that talking to people who already have kids and making sure you know the area you're in/will be in calms the nerves. Can't really help on baby care and advice since it's my first.
    I got a lot of our clothes lightly used and it saved us a ton of money.
  • We currently live in Texas and our parents live in Iowa and Illinois (10.5 hours away). My mom is coming down to help out a couple of days before and while we're in the hospital so timing that flight down here is a challenge. To make it harder, we'll likely be moving back to Iowa during my maternity leave so we're focusing on only getting what we need for the first couple of months and not getting things like a high chair/activity chair that she can't use early on
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    Car seat... Pack and play... We used the pack and play til age 2. Other than diapers and clothes... You really don't need much. I travelled alot with our little girl. I found a comfortable carseat was important. We spent money on the Chico nextfit. It's completely doable. Our little girl had been on more than 15 round trips by the age of 2. Cars... Baby might hate it at first but toys and stuff... You'll learn. I agree finding mom groups such as reading circles at libraries is good!

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