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Breast pump bag?

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What do you use to transport your breast pump, accessories, and cooler to and from work? I got the Medela Pump in Style Starter Kit through insurance, which is basically the pump only. I'm looking for a bag that is big enough and sturdy enough to hold everything I need each day when I go into work, which is essentially the pump itself, cooler, and accessories (pump parts and approximately six 5 oz bottles with lids), my laptop, notebook, and wallet. Plus a few little items like makeup, Chapstick, etc. What bags have you found that work well? I thought about buying the Medela tote, but I worry that given my pump will not be built into the bag the way it comes when you buy the whole bag set it won't be big enough. I've seen lots of mixed reviews. Recommendations appreciated!

Re: Breast pump bag?

  • I didn't want to spring for the Medela tote since it was pretty expensive IMO for just breast pump stuff. I've been using a canvas tote bag that I got from a conference which has worked just fine. I leave it at work all week and bring it home on Fridays so that minimizes hauling it around. It works well for my needs. I also bring a back pack for my daily stuff/lunch.
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