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Braxton Hick and Nausea

I am almost 32 weeks and I have been having really painful contractions nightly accompanied with nausea. Also when I go to pee it hurts and i feel pressure down there but only when having braxton hicks contractions. Is this normal?

Re: Braxton Hick and Nausea

  • It could be a UTI and that could be causing the contractions. Call your OB and see if you can get in to be seen. If not you might head to L&D. They'll test your urine too as well as monitor contractions to see what's going on.

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  • I've been getting nausea again :/... I asked my dr about it and she said its most likely acid reflux, and to take Zantec.
  • Call your doctor. Drink some water.
  • For me, it's normal. Peeing during or immediately after a BH hurts pretty bad, and third tri nausea has kicked in, particularly at night (when the BHs are also worse after a long day). Either way, it's always good to call and check in with your doctor's office if it's something new. And yes, drink lots of water.



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  • It's normal. Once baby gets lower the pressure and extra blood can make your laby bits hurt. Water and rest will help with the BH. Nausea sucks but is totally common. I've felt nauseous on and off since week 30 or so.

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