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soothie sizes

Looking online for info on the size of the wubbanub soothie, it just says its for babies 0-6 months of age. Based on the feel of the soothie, it does not feel as soft and flimsy as the actual 0-3 month soothie pacifier. My LO has recently started refusing and spitting out her 0-3 month ones in favor of the wubbanub one. does any one know if this wubbanub one is actually a 3+ month soothie? I thought about buying some extra 3+ month soothies but I was not sure if she could have them yet being only two months old.

Re: soothie sizes

  • I have no idea! Good question though! The box our wubbanub came in says 0-6 months and LO is obsessed with it so I just went with it.
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