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Europeans always know best…

A chest high puking toilet? Every pregnant ladies dream :-) Yes, I know this was in a bar, but I can't help but want one for my house!

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Re: Europeans always know best…

  • fishwife799fishwife799
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    That's amazing!
    ETA and super funny that it is in a bar. Know your audience I guess :)

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  • Haha!  Where was this?  Too funny.
  • Haha! It's kind of brilliant!
  • Can we talk about those handlebars? This is amazing.
  • I thought this was going to be about wine. I guess it kind of is. :)
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  • I needed this first tri!
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  • This is awesome!

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  • This is the greatest thing I've seen today.
  • I could've used that this afternoon at Panera!
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  • @Rosehip15 it was some Czech club. :-) genius.
    Married: June 25, 2011
    DS #1: Born September 29, 2013
    Baby #2: Due June 3, 2016

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  • This is fantastic! I never saw one while we were in europe this summer. The handle bars really pull it all together.
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