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GTKY: Your favorite comfort food?

Re: Wednesday Check-In

  • How far along are you: 16+4

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: I've been MIA again. Monday night I started vomiting at around 10 pm, every hour on the hour for the next 12 hours. I couldn't keep anything down. Bonus? The vomiting was accompanied by diarrhea. I called my OB office yesterday morning and they were concerned about dehydration so they had me come in. DH met me there, and they hooked me up with some zofran and fluids in an IV to rehydrate me and help calm my stomach. I've been sleeping ever since. I don't know if it's the stomach flu or what, but it was horrible.

    Questions? For you STMs - my OB keeps asking if I've felt baby move yet. I can't tell. I'm assuming any movement would still be lower in the abdomen right? Not up high? Is there a time of day where I'd be most likely to feel movement? So far all I've felt are what feels like muscle twitches and the occasional "bubbles". I still can't tell if it's baby or gas though.

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? Pizza. Hands down. I love meat lovers pizza.
  • Good morning :)
    How far along are you: 14w4d

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: Feeling pretty good today, mentally and physically.  No nausea, no headache... slight belly itch this morning was my only symptom thus far.  Woop.
    Rave: I'm happy with my new hair cut.  Growing out hair is hard.  I also scored a cute pair of winter boots last night on a boxing day sale.
    Rant: I was just thinking "I have no real rants" and then I burned my tongue on my latte.  Ow. 

    Questions? Boobs- mine have recently become less sensitive and more itchy.  Does this sound familiar?  

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? Hmm... I love pasta with pretty much anything.  Lately, as I've mentioned, I'm pretty obsessed with eggplant parmesan from the italian deli by my work and tbh that's really all I can think of right now... oh, and burritos/Mexican food in general.  
  • How far along are you: 15+5

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: symptoms- pregnancy rage, tired soooo tired today

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? Researching the burbs, trying I find someplace nice with a two bedroom.

    Questions? Anyone else Hulk out over something little this week? Yikes.

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? Homemade shepards pie. I make it from scratch and it has everything love-gravy, peas, mashed potatoes, cheese. Actually-I may need to make that for dinner this weekend....
  • catherinekatecatherinekate
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    @mrsschmity I am so sorry that you've been sick. Hugs and thoughts!

    @SMLmom Burned tongues are the worst. I'm such a child about minor injuries. I complain less about a sprained ankle than a paper cut.

    @HBamama2B Good luck with house/apt searching!

    How far along are you: 14 weeks

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: Killer headache today. I have to go for an early GTT screen and I woke up late so I'm worried if I eat now and then go right after that that it will skew my results. But I'm not sure if it's okay to go on in a completely fasted state since the midwives said fasting wasn't required.

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? Cheese pizza for sure. I like all pizza, but cheese pizza is pure delicious gluttony.
  • crdocrdo
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    @mrsschmity: Goodness! Sorry to hear you've been so sick. Hope you feel better soon!

    @SMLmom: Woohoo for fresh haircuts!

    @HBMama2B: Good luck house hunting. It's a lot of work, but I'm sure you'll find a lovely home in the end! Also, I've found my temper is a little shorter lately as well, and it takes effort to reel it in. Ugh.

    ETA: @catherinekate: Sorry about the headache. Ouch. Good luck with the GTT!
  • @crdo yay second tri!  I honestly feel way more energetic since hitting 14 weeks.  With looking after my toddler, it makes a world of difference... plus I'm able to get back to the gym for light workouts... Enjoy it!  I've also found I'm hungrier which I keep reading is totally expected at this time.  After not being truly hungry for 2.5 months, I'll take it.
  • @mrsschmity I am so sorry that you've been sick!  That sounds terrible and I hope you feel better soon.

    @HBamama2B Good luck with house/apt hunting!  It is fun but overwhelming so hopefully you find something quickly.

    @crdo - I'm sorry about your fall, that sounds really scary, but I'm glad you aren't bleeding.  I'm sure everything with your LO is fine.  Hugs.  As to back sleeping, I know you are supposed to stop working out on your back around week 16.  My doctor is pretty laid back about these things though and told me that I'll know when to stop certain things (laying on my back, baths that are too warm, sex in certain positions) if I just listen to my body and change things when I feel uncomfortable.  Sorry, not sure if that is too much help though.

    @sgoldberg237 - No uneven bump on the bottom of my stomach but my overall stomach is looking really odd.  I have a clear baby bump in the lower part of my stomach, then a pretty major indent for my waist/belly button, then a little upper stomach bump.  I would like one uniform bump, please.  ;) 

    How far along are you: 17 weeks

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: I'm so hungry lately.  I'm eating

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? Cleaning out the bathroom today for our gut of it this weekend.  Once the bathroom is done (2 months hopefully) we can start on baby's room.

    Questions? N/A

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? Mac'n'cheese.  Yum.

  • @mrsschmity sorry you've been so ill! As for your question, baby movement for me has been in my lower abdomen. Have you found your fundus? That might help you know where to expect movement.

    How far along are you: 15w4d

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: had an awesome time at the Blues game last night! Went with a couple friends I haven't been able to see in years. Rant: all this damn Missouri flooding closing down roads. We barely made it home last night before they closed the highway we were on.

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? My MIL and I have been looking at quilt patterns for each of us to make.

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? A thick, rich mac 'n cheese! Or a stuffed crust cheese pizza. Cheeeese!
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  • @SMLmom: Yes, getting some energy back has been great! Man, I'm sure that makes a world of difference for you having a toddler! I'm also looking forward to getting back to yoga and light exercise! That'll feel good. Also, yay food!

    @mkemommy: Thanks! That is helpful info--seems like good general advice to listen to your body. Best of luck with bathroom demo! Renovations are exciting!
  • @mrsschmity that sucks you had that bug. It's been going around here. I had it last week as well and my H and both our kids. My parents and my IL's. It's no fun. I'm glad you are on the mend. As for your question it's still going to be rather low and will feel like little flutters. Every baby has a different sleep cycle so it's not a guarantee but they do say in the evening and after meals is when most women will feel baby. You can try laying flat on your back and drinking some cold juice and then continuing to lay there. That may help you feel it.

    @HBMama2B I haven't hulked out over anything specific but I am feeling like the crazy mom that can't handle her kids lately. The other day my three year old told me I am always mean to her which of course made me feel terrible.

    14 weeks today

    Been super cranky and doubting my abilities as a mom lately. I'm hoping its jaunt hormones and they will calm down soon. Otherwise I may have to sell one of them because 3 Sounds like way to many kids for me right now.

    I don't really have any favorite foods at all. I go in spurts where I will really want something for a while but then I won't eat it for months.

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  • SMLmomSMLmom
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    @fishwife799  I'm not winning any mother of the year awards right now either.  Between grumpiness and tiredness, I just don't have patience.  At least now with a bit more energy I feel like I can do more fun things with her again (me lying on the floor while she puts stickers on my face is really only fun for one of us).

    @DeePaddy24 I've been doing the noodles and cheese thing a lot during my pregnancy- a winning combo :).  Good luck at your apt.
  • @fishwife799 hugs. Only a great mom would worry about being a bad one while struggling with pregnancy and toddlers. You're doing great! My neighbor's 2.5 yr old daughter told her 'I don't like you anymore' while my neighbor was fighting the flu with a sick Husband, 8 month old and had her MIL visiting for a six week stretch. Kids have the absolute best sense of timing, don't they?!

    @mrsschmity that sounds horrible! I'm so sorry you had that virus. I hope you get lots of rest and some serious pampering from your H. Feel better!

    @crdo Falling is so scary right now! I'm glad everything is ok.

    @hockeyfan42 quilts are awesome! My mom is a huge quilter. She made me a quilt out of her maternity clothes that she wore when pregnant with me. I used to knit with my Grandma. DH got me a bunch of fantastic super fine merino wool yarn and knitting needles for Christmas so that I can try to make something for our LO. We will see how it goes, I've never done patterns before.

    Thanks all for the well wishes on apt hunting. It's nerve racking to try to move right after he baby is born. Also- this thread is making me sooo hungry today! All the food sounds so good!!!

  • @HBamama2B MIL is a huge quilter and taught me several years ago. DH's grandma and several aunts also quilt, crochet, and knit. DD has so many handmade blankets! My knitting, on the other hand, is relegated to a scarf or two. I have lots of things pinned I'd like to try though. Good luck with your project!
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  • How far along are you: 15w4d

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: rant is that I still have ms every day at 5pm and I'm so ready to be done being sick. Rave that we're home from our holiday chaos and I'm ready to get back into our routine. Symptoms are extremely sore boobs, RLP every time I cough, sneeze, laugh, or move, and terrible gas.

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? Resting my body as much as possible (that counts right?)

    Questions? None today

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? Usually grilled cheese and tomato soup but this week it's biscuits and gravy
  • How far along are you: 14+4

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: My back is killing me! I don't know what's going on but there are few positions that are comfortable. My mom said she carried me in her back the whole time. I hate complaining about it but man I felt like this wouldn't come until much later!

    Questions: Anyone else experiencing back pain already?

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? Macaroni and cheese!!!
  • How far along are you: 17 weeks today!!

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: stiff neck a little bit but that's it.

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? Cleaned out the room she will be in last night and started setting up the curtains and hung a few things on the wall. Even though we will be moving shortly after she is born i still wanted to set up a room and have somewhere to store stuff we buy for her over next few months.

    Questions? None

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? Italian food.. Pasta or pizza :)
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  • How far along are you? 14+3

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: I have had horrible headaches and aura migraines for the last 2 weeks. Thank god for my Husband taking over help with our toddler and letting me sleep.

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? Not much yet.


    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food?
    It's hit and miss. One thing will sound good for awhile then it will be something else.

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  • @MrsB8214 I have back pain periodically.  It was really bad at 10 weeks (for 3 days straight), then came back terribly right at 12 weeks to the point where I could hardly walk, and now it's just been fairly mild for awhile- but so frequent I don't even think about it any more.  Totally normal.
  • @mrsschmity I had the stomach flu Thanksgiving weekend...Not fun! Hope you get to feeling better soon! 

    How far along are you: 14+5

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: I love food again! DH made fun of my grocery request this week though (he gets off early and does the grocery shopping for me, which makes my day because I hate it).  I requested pickles, tomatoes, and potatoes... not to have together, but they are all so good by themselves!  

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? Preparing to go Friday for an elective US to find out the gender! SO excited! The lady that is doing it has been doing this for 30+ years and all of my friends have used her and she hasn't been wrong yet.  

    Questions?  Not pertaining to baby at all... When does everyone take down Christmas decorations?  DH wants them down this weekend, but I have always left them up until after the beginning of the year.  

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food?  Today: baked potatoes with butter and salt (anything salty :smiley: )
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  • @HBamama2B try starting with a baby sack. There isn't much of a pattern to follow. After casting on you just have to knit in the round until you start to decrease. It's kind of like a really big beanie.

    @mrsschmity I have luck with movement at bedtime when the house is quiet. I drink orange juice and lay down extremely still.

    How far along are you: 14+5

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: just tired of this bed rest. I need the doc to release me tomorrow. I made my SO go to Target and get me some of the yoga pants you guys have been talking about....mother of God...these are amazing. I have an extra rave today, the sun is shining for the first time since Saturday. RLP, achiness, and the dreams are getting weirder.

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? Lowe's is laying carpet right now and the room will be done. We are crib shopping after the doc appointment tomorrow.


    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food?
    Homemade chicken and noodles.
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  • I hope everyone starts/is feeling better!!

    How far along are you: 15w2d

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: Raves: Only one more work day until another long weekend! Also, flew into work since no one is here this week! Symptoms: LOTS of RLP, achiness, pulls/pinches in that area. Sometimes I feel random minor 'zaps' on my left or right side, which I think is just more pulling/stretching. Sharp pains when I stretch too much, which is super fun. Tummy started itching a few days ago, sore/itchy boobs/nips, bits of nausea, hungry/not hungry all the time. Tons of heartburn, especially at night. Rants: Today is going slowly

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? Cleaning up spare room since we are having guests tomorrow and using that as an excuse to start clearing out the room. maybe test drive some cars this weekend? DH does not want me driving my car when we start getting snow (if we ever get any this winter). It needs new tires but we don't want to buy them since we know we are getting a new car soon. I can always drive his car though...but I'd rather just get a new one sooner. :smile: 

    Questions? Anyone notice if they get full faster now than they did before pregnancy? I feel sooo full after lunch, but I ate the same amount I have eaten before being pregnant and been fine. My theory is that I have been consuming less overall and my stomach has just gotten a bit smaller over the last several weeks.

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? Pepperoni pizza all day every day! DH gave me a 'coupon' in my stocking for one night of pizza out whenever and wherever I wanted (we try not to each out too much). Thought about CiCi's, because all-you-can-eat pizza (!!!), but went with a place closer by. I held out for 2 days with that coupon...

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  • How far along are you: 17w :)

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: still eating everything in sight! Also haven't felt kicks so I'm a little anxious until my appointment next Tuesday

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? : ordered more baby clothes, a stroller, books, etc.. Also apartment hunting!

    Questions? : none today

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food?: lasagna!
  • @BakerBird525 Definitely understand the getting full faster part. I eat frequently but really small portions
  • @mrsschmity The stomach flu is everywhere. My sister had it on Christmas. I'm a little freaked out about going back to work (school) with a bunch of germy kids next week.

    @SMLmom I need a haircut so bad right now. I'm going to try to get in next week. My hair is super-thick and just gets impossible as it grows out.

    @chelthorn I was thinking of taking our tree down today. I don't know why, but I've just always been done with Christmas decorations as soon as Christmas is over.

    How far along are you: 17+4

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: Appointment this morning! Just a short one, but we got to hear her heartbeat, and schedule our anatomy scan (1/18)!

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? Not too much, honestly. Shopping (but not really buying), researching, trying to choose between 2 names...

    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? My mom makes the best mac & cheese. And pancakes. They're my two favorite (carb-tastic!) things.

  • @VernalEquinox dooo it!  It's given me such a boost.  The rest of me is feeling much thicker so I'm so glad my hair is at least a little sleeker.  
  • @BakerBird525 yes- I definitely get full faster.  I remember that from my first pregnancy too and it's so annoying.  I just get feeling STUFFED when I have a good-sized meal... then in the 3rd trimester I got heartburn all the time.  I don't really remember a lot of meals out that ended well during my last pregnancy ;).  
  • @BakerBird525, @mahliac, @SMLmom: Totally get you on feeling fuller faster. I was Hungry (definitely with a capital H) at lunch time, so grabbed a quarter pounder deluxe meal from McDonald's because it sounded like heaven. Finished it, but just a little too full. Definitely wouldn't happen pre-baby. Smaller portions more often is what works for me, too. I mean, besides rare days I go to McD's ;)
  • @crdo: Glad everything is okay with baby!

    Me - 33, DH - 33
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  • @crdo: Glad everything is okay with baby!

    Thank you!
  • How far along are you: 17 weeks

    Rants/Raves/Symptoms: No rants really, Rave: H got to feel her kick the other night so that was pretty cool. I do still have quite a few horrible tension headaches but H got me two massages for Christmas so im hoping those will help!

    What are you doing to get ready for baby? I think this weekend we are going to finish cleaning out the office for DS's big boy room. I did get the pack and play with the bassinet in the top that I wanted while it was 20% on sale recently for when baby girl is in our room.


    GTKY: Your favorite comfort food? mac and cheese for sure.
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  • @Sgoldberg247 totally meant to respond to you earlier and forgot. DPB! I definitely have a lopsided mini bump. LO loves the left side. In the morning before I get up I'll have a hard lump on the left. If I push on it eventually he'll get pissed and move and the bump will go down. I made DH feel it a few mornings to make sure I wasn't crazy. I guess our guy just has a sweet spot there. My mom used to talk about how she'd be in meetings giving a presentation and her whole belly would shift from one side to the other Bc my 10lb bowling ball of a sister liked being on the side. People would just stare at her tummy. I'm beginning to be nervous I might be like that with this little guy.

    @crdo so glad you got the all clear!! Sounds like you have an amazing medical team! :)
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