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pgal check-in 12/30

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  • Hey girls! Hopefully everone's holiday was wonderful. Christmas went well for us. To be honest, it was so busy to worry about anything. We had a dr. appointment yesterday and the dr. said that everything about this pregnancy is going perfectly, which I needed to hear but set DH's OCD off in his head. Dr. also said that although I am measuring exactly to the week, he wants to set me up for a 36 week ultrasound to check on how baby is growing just because of the scare of me initially failing my one hour glucose test. I passed the three hour one, which I let everyone know, but he wants to just double check on everything. I am happy and excited to see baby girl again though. Also, she is head down. WOO.

  • Hi! Mixed emotions over here- read a story on 3rd tri board- some poor woman lost her baby at 33 weeks and it broke my heart for her. Cuddled my bump extra tight that night. We are all so fortunate these rainbows are doing well!

    I had a dream about baby last night and it was my first time, since so far all dreams have been pregnancy dreams. He was the cutest little guy. Woke up feeling happy.

    How are you @rainbowminion ? How was everyone's holidays? I had my baby shower so it's all becoming very real to me and DH now.
  • @seckenrode we all sometimes need to hug these bumps extra tight now a days. Glad you're having happy dreams <3 Also glad the shower went well. Now to just really get ready for these little ones!
    Yes @rainbowminion how are you girl?

  • @oxsarah7ox Yay for extra ultrasounds! I get another sizing ultrasound in a couple of weeks too and I can't wait!

    @seckenrode I read that as well. So horribly sad. 

    @mwmiller4 My OB seems ready to clear me for vaginal birth as well, if things keep looking good. I read the threads on this board about people being horrified at the thought of a c-section while I feel almost the opposite! But if she feels a vaginal birth is best for me and baby, like I told her when we discussed it, she's the one who has delivered all the babies. I trust her judgement and I'm sure she will be very vigilant in making sure things are going smoothly. At this point I don't really care all that much how he gets here, I just want him to go from inside to outside in the safest way possible. That's all I want from my birth experience. 

    I've had a couple of days of depression. So happy to be out from under it now. I'm not sure if it was triggered by something or if it was going to happen anyway. I have decided, with much regret, that I can't read threads labelled with trigger warnings for the time being. I want to help, but they just send me into a tailspin. Also, my husband was being moody earlier this week, and while I'm not usually so codependent it's ridiculous how my mood depends on his lately. I don't know if it's hormones or what, but if he's not his usual self I just can't deal. Over all I'm great. I love being able to feel my little guy move around every day, even if it isn't always comfortable!

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  • I'm doing pretty great and very excited for baby. My mom and a few others keep saying that baby will come on Valentine's Day, which is my birthday. It is also the 1st anniversary of my miscarriage, so the idea of it put my anxiety on overload for a couple of days. Also, baby is due the 27th so I want her to stay in as long as possible and I get panicked when people imply she will come any day now because I am so big. Umm.. Nope. I plan to keep her if for as much of the next two months as I can!
  • Felt a lot of contractions two days ago and went to hospital at 3 am. The doctor ordered several tests and told me that most likely baby would not come out in 2 weeks. I'm 33 weeks 4 days today. They gave me a shot and controlled the contractions. Doctor also said that as long as I reach the point of 37 weeks, if baby wants to come out, they will let her. Im resting a lot and drinking a lot of water these days. Hopefully she will hang in there for several more weeks.
  • @cici613 - I hope doctors can help her hold off a few more weeks!
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