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AW: Baby Movment.

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STM here. I have been feeling baby daily for a couple weeks now, and my husband couldn't believe I didn't talk about it more. I said they are still so small I didn't think he would be able to feel then any time soon.

That same night, last night, at 17w4d, my DH felt his first baby kick. I didn't even tell him it happened. He asked me and pointed right to where it was. This is over 2 weeks faster than my first pregnancy. Pretty cool to see the changes.

Other STMs notice how much earlier everything is happening?!?

Anyone else feeling kicks from the outside yet?
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Re: AW: Baby Movment.

  • VikingGirl12VikingGirl12
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    Yes! I'm a STM, 17+5, and have felt kicks for a while. On Christmas Day I was lying back in an armchair and I felt some kicks that were a lot harder than the flutters I'd been having. I felt my tummy and could just barely feel them on the outside so I told DH to quickly come over. He had to sit there a minute but right when I felt a kick he looked at me and said "I felt it!" Without me telling him when she kicked.
    At my appt yesterday my OB asked if I'd felt any movement and I told her yes, and that I'd felt it for a couple of weeks now but didn't want to sound crazy, and she said many of her STM's feel flutters as early as 15 weeks.
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  • Aww congratulations!!!! I still can't tell if I'm feeling the baby or a BM lol but I had a hard time with my first LO too!
  • With my second I had an anterior plecenta, so I felt everything way later. It was strang.
    Now I'm 16 weeks with my 3rd and just starting to feel wiggles. I'm wondering if I have an anterior plecenta again because this is later than my first.
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  • I haven't felt kicks but last night one of the babies was definitely pressing up against my stomach for a bit.  It was so cool to feel the baby. 
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  • This is my third and I just started feeling little flutters the last few days. It's very very light and definitely can't be felt from the outside, but I'm pretty sure it is baby.

    With my first, I don't think I was sure it was the baby until 19/20 weeks when they were fairly strong and with my second I honestly don't remember, but believe it was earlier.
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  • Yep. I'm 17 weeks today, have been feeling little kicks for a couple weeks, but two nights ago my husband finally felt a couple of kicks
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  • I feel so much going on down in that region that i just cant tell if i feel the baby or not. I am a FTM and imagine thats why i cant really articulate what im feeling. I THINK i feel the flutters sometimes... im 17+1/3 depending on whose counting.
  • I started feeling little movements just before 15 weeks, but they're still not noticeable from the outside at 16w2d.

  • Yep-been feeling the tickles for awhile. No real kicks yet, though. I'm almost 16 weeks.
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  • I'm still not convinced I know what I'm feeling or not feeling lol... I'm a FTM- 17w2d. I've felt "flutters" (I think) a few times but they could have been anything. I can't wait to be sure of what I'm feeling!
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  • This being my third, I thought most milestones would be hit sooner.  I'm still not showing, even my OB at my appt on Monday said "Wow, you don't even look pregnant yet." But I'm almost sure I've felt a few flutters already.  The us tech told me that the baby was sort of down on one side and that's where I've always felt the movement, nothing big but maybe since I know what it feels like I can notice it sooner. 
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  • Yes, I popped earlier and the movement has really started the last couple days. I'm 14+5 and I've only made out this far with 2 of my previous pregnancies. Still not feeling anything like kicks or anything that could be felt outside but she's exciting mama.
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  • FTM at 18 weeks and definitely feeling kicks but can't feel them from the outside yet. I can't wait for DH to be able to feel it!
  • Im 14.5 weeks and have been feeling little kicks internally. I don't feel kicks from the outside yet but I can feel the baby.  Ill feel a hard spot from the outside and pressure internally. When I touch it and it will move away. This is my 4th pregnancy. 
  • Yesterday morning my fiance & I felt the first little kicks on the outside of my stomach, I'm 16w4d with baby #2. I've felt flutters but very seldomn. My fiance & I did happen to feel the baby "rise" to my stomach while I was laying flat on my back around 12w :)
  • FTM 15+6, think I felt baby last night. Woke up and felt a little flutter across my stomach. Coulda been dreaming though. A little over a week ago I felt three distinct pops that I thought was the LO, OB said too soon. A few more weeks and I should know for sure! The wait is so tough!
  • I am at 14 weeks and I swear I have felt the baby too!  It has only happened once or twice, but I will feel flutters in the exact same spot for like 2-3 minutes.  DH thinks I am crazy though.  I can't wait until he can feel it too!
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