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feeling really down and emotional

I've been going a lot through this pregnancy........ from my husband and I being kicked out of my inlaws house when I was only about 10 weeks pregnant to my hubby and I arguing all the time because he felt sad we got kicked out. I have been on bed rest since September due to bleeding for placenta previa. I have been to L&D like 6 times already for my previa. Then in October I got into a car accident luckly baby and I are both ok. Then in November I got diagnosed with GD which is draining me out..... Now for the past week I have spent two nights at L&D because of incompetent cervix, only measuring about 1.5cm and spotting. Then on Monday I went for a NST test where they said I was having contractions 5 minutes apart and had to spend another night at L&D...... where they did a Fetal fibronectin test it came back positive. They gave me steroid shots 24 hours apart for babies lungs to mature and also gave me stuff to stop my contractions. Last night I just broke down in front of my Nurse. I feel like I'm going into depression :( I just want my baby to be healthy and I make it to atleast 36 weeks :( ... ..I'm 31+5 days pregnant and measuring almost 37 weeks :(..... On top off all that my hubby is not letting me get anything for the nursery cuz he thinks it's bad luck...... we have no crib no nothing yet..... he said we could do it after the baby is here..... and he said no baby shower because it's bad luck too :( 

Re: feeling really down and emotional

  • I'm sorry... i hope things work out for you and stress starts to subside. I would talk to your hubby and tell him your experiencing anxiety bc nothing is done yet for your baby. This is a very natural way of feeling. Your "nesting" emotions are coming out and you need some assurance that everything will be OK and done.. I would just start buying things or researching things to buy. Ikea has inexpensive cribs that are safe and reliable. Check the website out. Also the car seat is a necessity so you can bring baby home safely from the hospital.
  • Even without the stress your experiencing (which seems like a lot!), I think it's very natural to have slumps. I had a few very difficult weeks of feeling very depressed without experiencing any difficulties like the ones you have. You are not a bad person!
    Also, in a lot of cultures it's taboo to prepare before baby. I live in an area that is predominantly Navajo ( they do not have baby celebrations before birth), and I have definitely struck a balance between what the norm is for that culture and what I need for my piece of mind. Some people have started giving gifts and some are waiting. Ask your partner to work with some of your needs, and respect your comfort. Getting baby things helps keep things exciting when your feeling down!
  • I'm sorry to hear you have had such a rough time. Would you mind if I pray for you?
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