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Nursery Accent Color Choices

Hi Ladies,

I plan on having an accent wall done in the nursery. It is the wall that the crib will be on and above the crib I will have her monogram that I got from Pottery Barn Kids. I attached two photos, one photo is just natural light (not sunny that day) and the other one is the natural light and the light on in the room.

We picked out 3 colors for the wall, all so different. We painted little boards instead of parts of the wall to try and get an idea of the shade. If you don't like any of these colors, that's okay but it will be 1 of these colors. I know it can be hard to tell with it being small but I would like some non-biased opinions. The purple goes well but different, the dark green is very bold and it only shows up a few times in her bedding and then the blue is safe. 

Color choices: African Violet (Purple), Jitterbug Jade (Green) or Cooled Blue
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Re: Nursery Accent Color Choices

  • I like the blue
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  • Love the purple but wonder if it being a darker shade would make the room feel smaller? The blue is beautiful as well. I'm sure which ever you decide will be beautiful :)
  • Cool blue all the way!
  • Blue!
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  • After looking at it for a few minutes I must say the BLUE is beautiful. It isnt overwhelming in the bedding so I think it will make the wall stand out even more.The purple is pretty as well, but I honestly think that it will be wayyyy to much since her bedding has a lot of purple in it. 
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  • Love the purple, we are doing purple, but you have to go with that blue. It's beautiful :)

  • definitely blue.  the others are too saturated / primary for me.
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  • blue!

    I would like the purple more if it were a little lighter
  • No purple. The green is a gorgeous color, but I think I would go with something a couple shades lighter. The blue is a stunning color! That would be my pick.
  • Thanks ladies for your input. The past few days I have been going in the room looking at them all in different lighting. The other day I had been leaning towards the blue but my DH thinks it is too beachy but it could be beachy or a cool winter color as well. My favorite is the green but there is not enough of the green in the bedding and I don't want it to look like I picked a random color, I like the purple too but what some others pointed out it may be too much purple. Purple is the dominant color in the bedding and her valance is purple and a few other things.

    I think the cool blue will be the best option, light enough and a good balance with everything in the room. Thanks! 
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  • I also like the blue since purple is in the bedding and the shade you have may be too dark/overwhelming. I do love purple though as my second option! And not sure if you're concerned or not about repainting, but the bolder colors I think will require multiple coats to go over, so hopefully the blue would be a cooler option in case your LO wants it to change further down the line.
  • Yeah, the blue!
  • Blue. The others are way too dark for me. Nice color choices, by the way! We are doing a light aqua and purples, but haven't yet decided if we'll paint the wall.



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  • Blue or a lighter purple
  • Blue, or something lighter. These are pretty dark. Maybe a light lavender? Will look nice with the carpet color!


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  • I like the blue! Personally I would go a bit lighter with it, but since it's only an accent wall the darkness of the color doesn't bother me

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    Blue. The green shade is beautiful but doesn't gel with the bedding and the purple is pretty but too dark.

    Edit to add: I would go a hair lighter with the blue so it doesn't compete so much. Or do quite a bit lighter and do the purple.

  • They all look a little dark for a baby's room to me.
  • I would go with the blue as well. If the bedding didn't have so much purple, I would have opted for a muted version of that.

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  • We did purple and blue too (different shades but similar) and I prefer the blue


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  • Could you do vertical stripes with the blue and the purple? That way it's not too much of either. It'd take a bit more time but it'd be super cute!
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