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Traveling 2 weeks before due date

My daughter has her 1st dance competition of the year 3.5 hours away.. 2 weeks before my due date. The other dance moms say they can take care of her but I just feel so sad thinking about missing it! Would you stay or go? I know I could ask my dr but I know she will say it's up to me.

I carried my first daughter to term and she came a week later with induction. My 2nd daughter came right on her due date and it was a fast labor/delivery.

I actually gave birth to my first in this same city so I know the hospital and doctors there! But still nervous about it. Just want a little input if it's crazy to go or not.

Re: Traveling 2 weeks before due date

  • I'm a FTM so I'd skip it, just because I'd be too nervous to risk it. My doctor recommended yesterday that I stay within an hour of the hospital where I plan to deliver starting at 37 weeks, so I definitely wouldn't be traveling 3.5 hours away after that. You should still ask your doctor, even though you think you know what she might say.

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  • I would go and not worry about it.
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  • Depending on how old your daughter is she likely will never remember if you were there or not, just something else to thinking about. It sounds like you want to go, so if your comfortable (will be able to enjoy and not be worried the whole time) go for it! You're not crazy either way and I totally understand why you would have some nervousness around it.
  • I would double check with your doctor. If your doctor gives you the go ahead and you feel totally comfortable then I don't see any issue. 
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  • If your doctor doesn't have any issues I would totally go.  There is no sense in worrying -- like you said, you will be capable medical hands if you do go into labor.
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  • My friend drove across the country at 36 weeks.
    As long as your doctor says yes, like PPs have said, go for it. Support your daughter :smile:
  • I would definitely go as 3.5 hours away does not seem like that big of deal to me but that is just my opinion.

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  • Will you be driving yourself or can someone else drive? I would be more inclined to go if someone else drove me. But I would be hesitant either way. I'm sorry - I'm sure this is a hard decision to make!

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  • How old is your daughter? How is she dealing with her impending new place in the family? Is she jealous of baby? If she is, I would definitely go. Otherwise, that would give her more proof that "mommy loves the new baby more than she loves me." However, if she's excited about the prospect of becoming the big sister and not jealous of the new baby, you might be able to skip the recital after explaining why you can't go.

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  • I'd go, but make sure to take a friend or something to drive you back at the first sign of trouble!
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    I would say go if you can take a friend/family member that will leave with you if you think you need to. If you're driving all that way alone it might be tough. Because this is your third baby you could very well have a very fast labor. I wouldn't want to be alone driving at that point.

    My first labor was very fast (just a couple hours from start to finish). I am skipping a baby shower I would love to attend two hours away because it is just a week and a half before my due date and I don't want to risk being alone on the drive.

    Of course, you know your body more than anyone else. Make the decision that feels right for you and your little.
  • Feel it out, if it was me I'd go :)
  • I personally would go. I wouldn't miss it.
  • If you don't mind delivering at another hospital and don't have any complications, I don't see why you shouldn't if you really want to. Definitely have a back up plan in place for getting her up there, though, in case you have complications or already have a newborn by then.



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  • I'd go but want someone else to drive with me


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  • I'd go, just look into a backup hospital there and make sure my insurance will cover it even if its "out of network" or they need doctor's permission etc.
  • Yes I'd go as long as I was feeling good. Also like pp said if someone drove me like DH or my mom incase something happened and id have a backup plan with the other dance moms
  • I wouldn't but only because I want to deliver with my OB or worst case the on call OB from the same office and eventually see my OB vs someone who I don't know at all.
  • Thanks for the input! I just didn't know if it was crazy or not. I wouldn't miss my baby's dance competition for the world but I just didn't want to be irresponsible either. She is 7 and excited for another sister. My husband and other daughter will go too.

    My doctor is the same Doctor that let my best friends sister travel to Hong Kong when she was 32 weeks pregnant.. She ended up having the baby in China with no one to support her but her sister and was stuck there for a month! So I think of that situation and think mine is absolutely nothing. Thanks ladies!
  • If you're low risk I would go...I just traveled by plane for 3hrs at 35 weeks.
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