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Anyone else gain 9 million pounds?

I've gained 25 pounds and I'm only in my second trimester. I wasn't a big eater before my pregnancy, and have really gone to town since getting pregnant. I really don't want to gain much more since I blew through my first trimester and gained all the weight. Anyone else in the same boat? I feel gross!

Re: Anyone else gain 9 million pounds?

  • No sorry but my first I gained a total of 40 so it happens
  • Were you underweight before pregnancy? A lot of times the body is trying to play catch up.
  • I was a sligtly underweight according to bmi. That kind of helps put things into perspective. I'm also tall (5'10) so a lot of space to fill out. :(
  • I was slightly overweight as well before getting pregnant and eating very healthy. I've gained a lot more this pregnancy so far than with my first but I think it's just because I was so strict with my diet. I think I will end up weighing the same at the end of both pregnancy but I started this one 15 pounds lighter. If you were slightly underweight to begin with you can still gain 15 pounds and keep your weight gain in the limits. I would make that your goal it's gonna be pretty hard to not gain another pound. Try to focus on healthy food again in the new year!
  • Everyone's weight is different! As long as your midwife/ob isn't worried I wouldn't worry. I've seen a couple of thin women put on 70+ lbs in their pregnancy... And everything was fine for them!

    I've put on about 10/15lbs and I'm 14/4. I was at the high end of healthy weight and has terrible food aversions and ms the first tri so I'm a little jealous about all of your eating!
  • Well i've only gained 8 million lbs so not too bad, lololololol.
    Actually surprisingly I haven't gained much yet, but I gained 60lbs each with my first two pregnancies and 40lbs with baby#3, but lost it all each time. So try not to stress too much, easier said than done I know.
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  • I try to focus on healthy food choices and not on the number I've gained. I have started a little "underweight" each pregnancy, and while I gain at different rates it has evened out in the end.
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  • In case it makes you feel better for the long-term future, a good friend of mine gained 75 pounds in pregnancy (she's short too so it really made a difference).  Within 9 months of giving birth, she was back to her slim self.  She just lost it gradually throughout the year- not by doing anything drastic, just by making healthy choices (along with some treats :)) and staying active.  I'm gaining more this time around than the first time but I'm trying to be optimistic that it's a short term thing and it's not like I'm letting myself go forever.
  • Anyone know of an app that you can track your weight by week & where you are 'supposed' to be?
  • With my second, I started out at a regular weight and had gained a whopping 18 pounds by 14 weeks. I totaled 49 pounds by the end. I'm going to admit, I never took it all off. But that was probably for lack of trying... And getting pregnant again when my son was still a baby.
  • Not me (yet lol), but my mom weighed a whopping 98 lbs when she got pregnant with me and she gained like 70+ lbs in each of her pregnancies with me and my 4 siblings. According to her, it all came off relatively quick and her OB was never concerned because she was so severely underweight before.

    I agree with PPs if your OB isn't concerned, I wouldn't be. Every body is different!

  • Unfortunately our care providers focus too much on the number we gain and not on what food choices we are making. As long as you are being healthy and taking care of yourself you and your baby should both be fine. I have a lot of friends who gained 50-70 pounds and had healthy babies and pregnancies.

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  • I gained about 80lbs when I was pregnant with DD and had a healthy baby and was able to lose the weight over the next year. This time I've only gained about 7 lbs and am 16+6. Every pregnancy is so different.

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    I think a lot may have to do with the fact that we feel so hungry all the time so we may be eating more than we really have to. In second tri you only need and extra 300 calories a day and in third I think it 350-400. I focus on eating every two hours but it's always small healthy snacks. So I feel like I'm always eating but at least it's all good for me. Stuff like clementines, celery and almond butter (omg yum), cup of homemade soup, ect.
  • I have no idea how much I've gained; I can't face it. I always weigh myself in kg at the midwife's office because it's nonsense to me, haha. But I'm sure it's a lot. I'm trying to buckle down now that my food aversions and insane hunger have subsided and eat healthy and get back to doing some exercise. Hang in there! It's not too late to slow the crazy weight gain train and get things under control. Try not to feel guilt or shame about it and just do what you can to stay healthy from this point on.
  • Anyone know of an app that you can track your weight by week & where you are 'supposed' to be?

    "I'm Expecting" lets you enter your height and pre pregnancy weight then as you track your weight throughout the pregnancy it says if its normal, above normal, or below.

    However, use it with a grain of salt. If OB isn't concerned then you don't need to be either.
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    OK, I'm going to be the Debbie Downer/Devil's Advocate. Let me first say that although I am quite petite normally, I gained 40 pounds with my first--too much-- and yes, it did all come off eventually, but I am no saint myself.  However, the truth is, gaining extra weight DOES put you at higher risk for complications, including GD, preeclampsia, hypertension, pre-term labor, labor complications, c-sections, etc...I know that every woman and every pregnancy is different but there is a reason weight guidelines exist---lots of research. I think it's doing a disservice to say that it doesn't matter how much weight you gain. It does. 

    ETA:  I realize this is probably a very unpopular opinion so please flame away...Also, I am not trying to body shame anyone, I was in the same boat last pregnancy and may be there again this pregnancy although I'm trying to make better choices...I just think it's important to realize excessive weight gain shouldn't be dismissed as a variation of normal. 

  • I've only gained 7 pounds with this pregnancy I usually lose weight in the beginning and start picking up pounds in my second and third trimester
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