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Feeling horrible about myself

I'm feeling a bit depressed over the way I look right now. I'm not obese or anything, but over the last two weeks I have begun to show SO much and I'm sure everyone who notices my belly thinks I look way farther along than I am. I'm feeling really self conscious because I am typically pretty thin but for about six months before getting pregnant with this baby, I gained a bit of weight. I just feel like a huge gross slob and I still have around 22 weeks left. Anyone else? I was barely showing at all at this point with my last two pregnancies, so I'm just feeling like a whale. I want to shake the feeling so badly and enjoy my last pregnancy, but every time I catch a glimpse of myself I just feel terrible.

Re: Feeling horrible about myself

  • Um...yes, I can relate.  The scales are a'tippin' over here.  I definitely have some flab in addition to the bump.  Some days I feel bad about it, but other days I'm like "eh, fuck it."  This is my second pregnancy, and yours is your third--I think it's pretty typical to show earlier and carry a bit more weight in subsequent pregnancies.  So...this isn't exactly a "pep talk" of a response.  More of a, "yeah, I feel ya" response.  Solidarity. 

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  • I like the idea @catherinekate put out there.  When I'm feeling down about how I look I put extra effort into looking nice and it usually does the trick of pulling me out from feeling "blah".  That said, I empathize.  I'm feeling rather big lately and like I'm carrying a 4lb medicine ball under my shirt.  I'm really grateful baby is growing healthy and strong though despite feeling like a blob.   

  • It's something I think
    We have to embrace!! I'm
    Working on it :)

    I'm also trying to remember to not let my abs and back get lazy and let my hips fall too forward (just little pelvic tilts with my keigels)

    Hope you feel better soon! I find a bath and drying my hair properly does wonders.
  • I have been super pumped about my bump and thought I was rocking it until just recently. I work with older adults and between them and some co-workers, this week alone I've heard "Don't gain TOO much weight", "You are really protruding", "Maybe you're having two?", "Wow, that belly is really growing! And you still have a while to go!"

    Well, thank you. Thank you everyone for your kind, unsolicited support? I told them, "just wait, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone cuz I won't be able to fit in the building!"
  • I was pretty self-conscious when I was in that in-between phase where people can't really tell if it's extra weight or a baby bump. Plus I feel like instead of going out to a nice bump right away that the baby just pushed up my pudge to my middle! I have decided to embrace the blump/bump, let it all hang out, and just tell strangers that I'm due a month or two before my actual due date! lol
  • It's definitely a huge change to your body and I'm trying to do my best to embrace my bump/blump. It's definitely gotten bigger recently so I rub it a lot in public to make it noticeable that it's baby even though I'm pretty sure no one else cares. We are all beautiful women growing beautiful tiny humans and I think that's pretty amazing!!
  • I feel like I'm in that awkward stage of growing my bangs out where they're not long or short enough.  I'm not pregnant enough to look pregnant, but pregnant enough to start looking chubby.  I'm not a fan.  It's nice to know that everyone feels that way, though.
  • I've had issues. I used to weigh 40 pounds more due to an unhealthy lifestyle that I changed completely 6 years ago. Became a runner, etc. I have kept that weight off all this time, but with fertility treatments, watched the scale creep up. And am now more than 10 pounds heavier than I was not too long ago. I still associate that with poor will power and not being healthy--not to mention that I have been to tired and unmotivated to exercise. It's a real challenge "letting go." And also, cutting down on eating seems pretty non-optional, as my body/this baby has taken over. I've really had to let go of beating myself up about the past and the present!! My stomach chub does seem to be popping out though now at 17.5 weeks, so it doesn't just look like a muffin top anymore.
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  • I've felt the same way in the in-between where you don't really look pregnant yet, but you're getting more of a belly. I just tried to wear bigger shirts and remember it's baby. It's been hard to do since I've struggled in the past with an eating disorder, so it's been hard to get that self image of being fat out of my head, but on the days that I can ignore it or remember it's the baby, I've felt better about myself.

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  • I definitely feel the same way!  I think part of it is we are at the between stage where we are just starting to show.  I had some extra weight in my belly to begin with as this is where I carry most of my weight, so I feel just flabby right now with a little bump.  Don't worry, in time it all evens out.  Every pregnancy is different and people just like to judge and make comments in this crazy world.  Just think, it means your baby is growing healthy.  I bet you all look beautiful and I can't wait to see bump pictures as we continue to progress in our pregnancies.
  • @PBear93 I totally hear you about pregnancy post-ED.  I'm having trouble adjusting to a rounder me (I love the belly, it's the thigh bulge that upsets me).  Good luck.  I know now that my bump is more pronounced (STM- popped early), I have a much easier time about that part.  
  • I like that idea @candicek15, totally just going to start telling strangers I'm due in May, haha. Thanks ladies. I'm glad it's not just me. I tried to go shopping yesterday but ended up just buying stuff for my kids. Mom life...

    I've suffered from eating disorders and BDD for years so I feel like that doesn't help much. I have come a long way with it but being pregnant is really hard, it makes all of those awful feelings about myself come right back. I'm in a good enough place that I'm not going to harm the baby in any way, but the thoughts of self hatred are enough to drive me insane some days.
  • I feel so big and bloated! My pants still fit, but I can feel the fluid retention in my face and fingers. I'm only 14 weeks and I went from losing weight, gaining weight, to up almost 15lbs, in what seems like overnight. I have very little motivation to do much, I'm not exercising like I use to. Just feeling blah
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