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Pregnant and have 22 mo old son.

How did you survive the first trimester while trying to entertain your older child?

Re: Pregnant and have 22 mo old son.

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    I got a lot of help from my husband! My son was 2.5 when my daughter was born. It wasn't easy but somehow I survived and so will you!
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    Just make sure no matter how much you are running after your son that you are drinking enough water and eating enough (even if crappy food). Try to nap when he does if you are home. Good luck!
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    My daughter was 20 months when me new little one was born. It can be rough, but you'll get through it!!
    If your trouble is morning sickness: ask your SO to make up lunches for your little one so you're not having to deal with the smell of food as much. If it's to the point of having to be in the bathroom a lot, throw a bunch of ball pit balls into the bathtub.
    If your trouble is exhaustion: there is a lot you can get done lying down! Reading, rolling cars, etc. And, really, as long as the space is baby-proofed, you don't need to be interacting with your little one all the time. Lying on the couch while keeping an eye on them is perfectly acceptable, and helps them to gain a little more independence.
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