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Vitamins to promote hormone balance in pregnancy?

So I've been taking Chasteberry/Vitex for about 2 months now because my doc suspected low levels of progesterone, which is why they think i m/c twice in six months. We think we reversed my levels and got them back to normal which is wonderful (as this is the first cycle since over a year now that I've not been in lady-issues pain all month long). 

SO now my question is this---I'm going to hop off vitex and when I get pregnant again, i'd like to have my hormones be healthy/normal for pregnancy and not have stuff drop lest I have another m/c. What are some things I can do/take to promote healthy levels of hormones during pregnancy? Even things I can do or take to prevent m/c potentially again?

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Re: Vitamins to promote hormone balance in pregnancy?

  • Im sorry, I am not familiar with Vitex. If you're wanting to do it naturally you can keep your hormones balanced through diet, sleep and exercise. I don't know that those things alone would prevent miscarriage though. If your doctor suspects low levels of progesterone you can always ask to be put you on a progesterone supplement. That's what I am doing now. I am on oral prometrium until 14 weeks. I hope you can find something that works for you!
  • If you are mc due to low progesterone then your body is not recognizing the fact it needs to increase the progesterone in order to maintain the uterine lining until the placenta begins producing progesterone.
    This is not something that can be controlled with diet or exercise. If you have low progesterone during pregnancy you will likely need a supplement during your first tri.
    I has 2 mc due to low progesterone, my 3rd pregnancy was successful after taking progesterone for the first tri
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  • Thanks for your input! I actually found out my progesterone levels are back to normal, thanks to the vitamins i've been taking (and as far as good sleep and exercise goes, i have a teething 21 month old son right now so someday i'll sleep well and i'm getting great exercise keeping up with how much he runs around haha (sigh)).

    Also, i just am asking about just regular vitamins i can take i guess to now keep my levels where they are at ( i know if i hop off vitex there's a risk they could go back perhaps but i'm hoping that won't happen if i take something else vitamin-wise, as vitex isn't pregnancy safe my midwife advised me. I am thinking i'll take Evening Primrose oil to see what happens and if things go great i'll keep on chugging along with that and if not, i may need to supplement with progesterone (which is fine, i just am sensitive to meds so i'm trying other routes before to see if they work before)

    Thanks again!
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  • My personal and medical opinion is nothing "natural" is going to do the job of replacing something your body isn't making WHILE pregnant. I know u would like to go that route. ... and your levels may be great now.... but that's why we check levels once you are pregnant. ... because boy is that body chemistry different. .... just my thoughts
    In the meantime. .. eat well. ... sleep in regular intervals.... get daily cardio.... and destress... your body will thank u
  • I have heard of Vitex but I am not sure how it works. Also, nobody ever checked my progesterone once I was pregnant (I wish they had) because they didn't end well. My situation is different due to my history, but I was on progesterone in oil shots until 10-11 weeks with this pregnancy (when the placenta starts making its own progesterone). After that, I'm not sure what sort of balancing hormones you would want to do, or pursue. Not sure any western doc is going to say any out of the ordinary supplement/nonprenatal routine is "safe".

    I was told oral P doesn't work well and I couldn't tolerate the suppositories (either the gel or supp) and the oil shots were the best for me. I am very sensitive to all that stuff but the POI didn't bother me (until my butt turned tough from all the shots).
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