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App for tracking contractions?

Has anyone looked into an app that tracks your contractions? I see a couple in the App Store but none have very many reviews so I was wondering if anyone has used one with a prior pregnancy or looked into this already? Having more Braxton-Hicks (hopefully...) than usual today so I thought I'd time them and doing a trial run on an app would be great. Appreciate any suggestions you all have!

Re: App for tracking contractions?

  • most pregnancy apps have a built in feature for kick counting and contraction timers. I use Sprout Pregnancy app.

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  • I downloaded an app called "full term" when I started getting BH contractions. Got good reviews in the App Store and seems to be pretty decent.
  • I also have Full Term
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    I didnt think of doing a trial run with an app but that's a great idea- I'm also having a lot of BH. I've seen some apps that have trackers for breastfeeding and diaper changes, in addition to contraction timers. I'm going to look into some of those and check out Full Term.
  • I've been using Full Term this time around as well. I like it so far.

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  • I haven't used it yet but there is one in the Baby Center app.  Last time I just downloaded one that was exactly like a stop watch.  it served it's purpose.  I don't know if you need a lot of good reviews for something like this.  
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  • I also downloaded full term for when the time comes. I was practicing with it and it seems very easy to use!
  • I used Full Term last time and will use it again this time. Funny thing is that I opened the app the other day and it still has my last recorded contraction from before I left for the hospital with DD :)
  • I DLed Full Term, too. Haven't actually used it but it was recommended and it looks like it'll do the trick.
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