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Pleasant suprise!!

Had to go to my pap appointment today. Dr tried to get a Hb with the Doppler, but had no luck. Out came the portable us. She found baby in seconds. She was showing me the skull and I asked if the dots I saw were hands and she said yea. About that time I said Oh Hi! And baby threw up both arms like Hi mommy!! It was so cool!!!!

It seriously doesn't get old even though this is my 2nd!!!!

Re: Pleasant suprise!!

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    It's awesome getting to see the baby, isn't it? I was getting a thumbs up for a while today and baby stuck it's tongue out for us after the ultrasound tech pushed on my belly to make it move a bit! She was awesome and got a picture of it for me :)
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    That's so cool! I'm still waiting to hear my baby's heartbeat of see mine on US
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    It's just so cool! I didn't expect to see baby on the us today so it just made my day!!!
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