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High liver enzymes?

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Anyone experience this in their pregnancies? I am freaking out a bit. The doctor retested me today and I wont get the test results back until later. He says it may be because of my PCOS or a high blood pressure issue.

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Re: High liver enzymes?

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    There are meaning reasons for elevated liver enzymes, some pregnancy related and others not. Technically, there is no such thing as Pre-E before 20 weeks (ok, there has been 5 confirmed cases, but 4 of them has to deal with a partial molar pregnancy. So you are clear).

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    No advice or knowledge but I hope that everything comes back well!
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    Yes had this problem with ds but not until around 20/21 weeks. I had cholestasis a liver condition in pregnancy. Be persistent with the dr and see a gi dr if it's high!
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    I plan to be persistent. I wasn't expecting anything like this until around 20 weeks if at all. Now because its so early its really got me freaked. Dr Google isn't helping. Haha.

    Thank you all for the responses.
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    With DD I had elevated liver enzymes and low platelets but not until ~22 weeks into my pregnancy. My blood pressure was always low and no protein in my urine, so they kept saying they would keep an eye on these numbers but they weren't too concerned. I ended up having a condition called HELLP syndrome, but it wasn't properly diagnosed until I was in labor at the hospital. It has overlapping symptoms with pre-e, so it can be tough to discern between the two. I wish I had known about this condition prior to my delivery because we did run into some complications, so my words of advice would be to ask about your platelet count as well if you continue to have an elevated liver enzyme count. It's a rather rare condition and my practice clearly wasn't educated enough on it to properly diagnose earlier on. However, I don't believe this condition typically begins until 3rd trimester for most people who end up having it, so I'm guessing it's very unlikely that this is what is causing your spike. Good luck to you - hopefully it's a strange anomaly that works itself out. I agree that you need to be persistent and ask a lot of questions. I didn't do that, I trusted in my doctor, and I regret that now.
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