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AW moment...I need your help! (Photos in post)

I was playing with my camera anddoing some announcement photos and I need some help! I sent one to my mom and she said she doesn't like that is doesn't say "baby" somewhere. I don't want it to be an obvious announcement. I planned on posting this on FB New Years Eve night. Do you get it? Does it make sense? Does it look dumb? I'm second guessing myself now... Which one looks better?

Re: AW moment...I need your help! (Photos in post)

  • I like the one with them lined up better. Some people may not get it but who cares. It's cute and if you like it that's all that matters.

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  • I think they makes sense.  Cute!
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  • Would it make more sense if I just captioned the picture to go along with it? 

  • I think they make sense unless they do not know you!  I personally like the 2nd one best, but I like the first one says Happy New Year.
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  • I like it. It's simple, but gets the point across. I also prefer the 1st one to the 2nd, though. 
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  • I like the first one lined up tallest to the shortest!  The pic is great.  You can also add more context as the photo caption. "We are so excited to share the news that our family will gain another blessing in 2016..." bla bla bla...
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  • I like them! Maybe you could add all the birthdates to all of them to make the June 2016 slightly more obvious? Co-signing everyone else who says that lined up looks the best aesthetically. 
  • I like the one where they're lined up as well. I thought it made perfect sense and don't think anything else needs to be added.

  • Thanks ladies. I really appreciate your input! I'm excited to finally get the word out to all our distant friends and family! The people close to us already know.

  • Very cute! I like the first one, too.
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  • I like the first one. And I like that it's not obvious--but if we announce we are going to do something subtle, so that's really just my taste.

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  • I also like the first one. It's cute and there can be no wondering what it is about!

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  • I love the idea and think it comes across very clearly.  I like the composition of the 2nd photo best (I'm a photo teacher) but both are great! I don't think it needs any statement along with it, but you always could do that if you think people might be confused, although I don't think they will.  Maybe something clever like "Toasting to the new year with sparkling grape juice this year!"  Keeps it subtle, but gives another clue. Good luck! 
  • At least one person will get it and comment, then everybody else who wouldn't have picked up on it will get it, too. I like it, it's cute!

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  • That's my due date too! I am going to announce on the 1st.  I like the first one too.

  • Love this! I think the date on the last one makes it obvious what it is, and like someone else said, someone will comment and then everyone else will catch on!

  • I like the first one best. I would have no problems figuring out that this was a baby announcement.

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  • Very cute! I like the first one best too and think it's obviously a baby announcement.

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  • Aww I love it!! I like the second one better and once one person gets it, everyone will! :-)
  • I like both of them but I agree with the other mom on adding the birthday on the other ones. Or maybe add names on each hat that way its more personal than just someone's hat but after all if your happy with it then that's all that should matter..
  • This is so cute!! I think people will definitely get it, you don't need to have "baby" anywhere! I like the one lined up the best :)
  • I like the lined up one. My pic didn't say baby but you can say something in the post about it. Like you could say "Newest party animal arriving June 2016" or something. I said something along those lines but applicable to my own picture.

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